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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, Eventify is a multi-featured and fully customisable event app builder platform. Event organisers – even those with no prior coding knowledge – can create their very own mobile event apps in a few clicks, on Eventify.

Practically any event related to business and/or technology. Eventify can be used to design apps for private and public events, including large-scale international conferences, to private trade meetings.

86 minutes or less (yes, we counted!). A few systematic clicks are all it takes to create and customise a full-fledged mobile app. Once you submit, we’ll submit your app for review – and it would be live in stores in about a week.

Traditional event promotional tools – banners, pamphlets, print media ads – are no longer sufficient. Having a official event app gives you a big leverage in the digital medium. Since making an app on Eventify is quick, easy and intuitive, it’s the most definitive tool for event organisers/managers.

Everything related to your event – from featured speakers, sessions and sponsors, to maps, webviews and visual branding elements (logo, cover, theme colour, etc.) – can be shared on the app you create. Relevant news and social media integrations can be implemented, and private messages can be sent too.

The powerful Eventify dashboard allows you to track user-behaviour and the devices that have been used to access your event app. In addition, you can also view in-depth event attendee analytics, statistics and visual representations (for example, pie charts).

Eventify is available for use on a subscription-only basis. We offer two pricing packages – Business PRO (ideal for smaller events) and Enterprise PRO (ideal for large-scale B2B events). Find out more about Eventify’s pricing plans here.