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    Event Social Community

    Event content and community all in one place. With Eventify event management app, you will now be able to deliver your event content and stay connected with the community/attendees from anywhere in the world. A community for your events. This is where all of the comments, communications, photos, and social interactions will be visible to the entire community.

    Customize your own Community

    The host can customize the community sections from the admin panel according to their preferences. Attendees can open the Community from their mobile event app and engage in each of the different communities. It is a discussion of a group of people.

    Make new connections

    Eventify is an event networking app that provides you with a built-in feature such as communities, which makes it simpler for attendees to make new connections easily. Most Attendees participate in an event with the intention to interact, grow networks and make new connections.

    Promote Attendee Engagement

    Promote Attendee engagement and encourage your attendees to engage through capable event networking app features and tools that support attendee interaction. Whether your event is virtual or hybrid, Eventify’s virtual event platform is designed to create the best event experience.

    Build Lasting Relations

    Enable your attendees to build lasting relationships that make them want to attend your other events as well. Let your community share content with attachments and links. Give your attendees an opportunity to stay connected with Meaningful connections, Deep conversations, and Better Networking.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a place for an attendee to discuss or share with a group of other attendees called communities. If an attendee has a question or wants to share an idea, they can be encouraged to post or comment as a member in the forums.

    An organizer can create two types of community for users to participate.


    Members can post on any community page created by the admin. These posts can be viewed or commented on by others.


    Members can reply to topic posts created by admin in order to contribute to the discussion.

    No, there is no restriction on the number of posts or comments made by the members.

    You can add photos in forum posts or comments from the write message option on the screen.

    The admin can create communities for members to either post or comment.

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