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    Email Template Design

    Eventify provides professionally designed template options for Email Notifications. The host can customize the template for sending different email notifications according to their preference.

    No Extra Efforts

    With our customizable templates, there’s no need for the host to start their email from scratch. Our event platform has ready templates for the host to send an email which will not waste their time to create email templates.

    Customizable Email Template

    The host can customize the email subject and the email content for various types of Emails from the admin panel’s settings section. They can use our event platform template to send the emails just with a bit of customization according to their preference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The different types of ready template are for welcome email, ticket order confirmation, ticket ordered, not confirmed yet and ticket assigned email

    You can rest assured about that. All the event-related data you share on Eventify are encrypted with secure HTTPS encryption. Unless you specifically allow us, even we cannot see your details. Our event management platform complies with all GDPR regulations. 

    The Email Subject and Content can be changed.

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