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    Custom Challenges

    Gamification is a way to inspire action at your events. Virtual events can also generate a great sense of connections only if it is managed effectively. Whether your goal is to drive traffic to exhibitors’ booths or increase networking, awarding points and providing incentives can light up your event.

    Increase your Event Engagement

    Increase your event engagement by creating custom tasks within the event platform and awarding points for completion. Through the gamification leaderboard, you can even track the progress of the attendees.

    Customize your own Challenge

    The host can customize challenges according to their preference from the admin panel. They can customize their event with different challenges to influence the actions of their attendees.

    Gamification as a Motivator

    The host can use the Gamification feature to motivate their attendees to engage in their event. Through Gamification, the host can reward and acknowledge an attendee’s participation efforts as well as provide them with a structured framework for event engagement. Eventify provides a chart that allows attendees to track their progress in achieving the event’s goals.

    Help your Attendees to Gain Interest

    Virtual events mean that it has never been easier to reach a wide spectrum of potential attendees and at the same time it is even harder to retain the attention of the attendees. Attendees can lose interest just as easily as they gain interest. The host can carefully plan and set such challenges using the tools at their disposal that prevent their attendees from losing focus.

    Achieve your Event Goals

    Gamification can help the host achieve their event goals, while they create a fun, exciting, and memorable experience for their attendees by setting challenges that give them a benefit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gamification is a growing trend to give attendees an easier way to network and creates a more interactive experience. It allows organizers to create opportunities for attendees to earn rewards through points by accepting different types of challenges.

    Challenges can be of two types.

    Recurring Challenge: Attendees get an opportunity to earn points every time they do the activity which is set as a Recurring Challenge.

    Single Challenge: Attendees earn points only for the first time they complete such activity.

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