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    Chat and Meetings

    Enable attendees to achieve the highest value from their event experience from the best event networking app. Eventify’s Chat and Meetings are to the next level so that you and your attendees can rejoice in meaningful and effective communication. With our messaging features, you’ll see an increase in event networking and engagement.

    Instant Communication

    Eventify provides communication and networking features to give your attendees a dynamic way to connect at the meetings. Along with other tools like social media and searchable profile pages for everyone attending an event can utilize the mobile chat feature on their event app to instantly communicate with others.

    Enjoy Back-to-forth Discussions

    By sending and receiving messages quickly, attendees can enjoy back-to-forth discussions without any interruptions. There’s more to bring to the conversation with our event app’s ability to send emojis, share links and photos. Attendees will find this feature to be very valuable.

    Achieve the Greatest Experience

    Host presentations, webinars, and breakout sessions without stepping out of the Eventify platform. Let your attendees achieve the greatest value from their virtual event experience. Chat and meetings help build more meaningful and robust relationships.

    Adds great value in Networking

    Unlike evasive phone calls or overlooked emails, chat affords attendees a medium for talking to other attendees at an event. Same with text messaging, but without the need to search for a phone number and having any awkward introductions, mobile chat for the event app platforms is a very convenient tool and adds great value in networking.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, organizers have an option to choose if attendees can message one another directly or request an invite before messaging.

    Attendees can send a one-to-one chat invite to the speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors if they are added as a user on the platform.

    Yes, an attendee can schedule or reschedule a one-to-one chat meeting from the message screen of the event app.

    Eventify offers only one-to-one private chat on the platform. It does not support group chatting.

    Yes. attendees can continue to avail of the networking feature on the app, post 90 days event.

    Yes, in order to avoid chat, one user can block another user from the chat screen on the app.

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