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Problem Statement

TESOL-SPAIN had previous experience using an event management application but encountered issues. When they were searching for a comprehensive event  management solution to enhance lead quality and user experience, they reached out to us initially.

TESOL-SPAIN caters to teachers, teacher educators, and students dedicated to influencing opinions through education. Their main challenge was to transition to a "Zero Paper" conference model, minimizing the use of physical materials like brochures, schedules, and session abstracts. 

The primary goal was to effectively integrate attendee QR codes for tasks such as registration, session access, and resource sharing. Additionally, they aimed to successfully send push notifications to keep participants well-informed and engaged throughout the event.

Key Points

  • After encountering problems with a previous event management application, TESOL-SPAIN contacted eventify for help. They sought to resolve these issues and ensure a successful event using an event app, aiming to elevate their company's success.
  • With a strong focus on maximizing data utilization, their overarching goal is to find an app that offers exceptional features and services.
  • We swiftly delivered the client's request, showcasing our app's features and their benefits. Post-event, the client expressed satisfaction, stating, “Most people at the event installed it, and it meant we had a close to Zero Paper conference".

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The app was greatly appreciated by the attendees and was extremely useful in helping attendees navigate through the conference without needing paper. I'm pretty sure that we will count on Eventify for our convention in 2024.

Ryan Gornall
Event Manager From TESOL-SPAIN

Solution Statement

To address the problem, we have adopted a comprehensive digital approach that encompassed the following key strategies:

Attendees Check-In

  • Developed a user-friendly mobile app that allowed attendees to register for the conference, access their personalized schedules, and receive session details through QR code scanning.    
  • Integrated QR codes within the app to provide seamless access control to sessions, workshops, and social events, reducing the need for physical badges and printed tickets.

Push Notification

  • Implemented a robust push notification system within the mobile app to send timely updates, session reminders, and important announcements directly to attendees' devices.
  • Segmented the attendee list to enable targeted notifications based on preferences, interests, and session attendance.‍

Attendees Engagement

  • Encouraged attendees to actively engage with the app by offering incentives such as exclusive digital resources, interactive polls, and networking opportunities.
  • Dynamic surveys were sprinkled throughout the app, giving the attendess the chance to influence content, themes, and future event topics. Their opinion had a direct impact on shaping the event's trajectory.


Attendee participation got a boost with a whopping 70% increase. Folks accessed session materials, had lively real-time chats, and joined interactive polls.

Plus, we made sure nobody missed out – push notifications reminded everyone about sessions, schedule changes, and cool networking chances. Also, we made things smooth as silk by simplifying check-in and session access with QR codes.

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About The Company

TESOL stands for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages." It is a field of education and research that focuses on effective methods for teaching English as a second or foreign language. TESOL organizations and associations often work to promote language education, provide resources for English language teachers, facilitate professional development, and contribute to research in language pedagogy.

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