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Problem Statement

Organizing an international event involves intricate planning, scheduling, and communication. NZTE needed a robust platform to streamline the process, ensuring seamless coordination among participants from various countries. 


The primary challenges included:

Diverse Participants: Managing a diverse group of participants from different countries, each with specific needs and preferences.

Complex Itinerary: Coordinating an intricate itinerary across multiple locations, requiring real-time updates and adjustments.

Effective Communication: Ensuring timely and effective communication to keep all participants informed about schedule changes, activities, and important updates.

User-Friendly Interface: Providing an easy-to-use interface for both organizers and participants to access event details, schedules, and notifications effortlessly.

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Solution Statement

To address these challenges, NZTE collaborated with Eventify, a leading event management platform. Eventify offered a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of NZTE's international trade event. The key features of the partnership included:

Customizable Event Schedule: Eventify provided a user-friendly platform where NZTE could input and manage the detailed itinerary, accommodating different time zones and diverse participant schedules.

Real-time Notifications: The app enabled NZTE to send real-time notifications to participants, ensuring they were promptly informed about any changes in schedule, venue, or other important updates.

Multilingual Support: Recognizing the diverse participant base, Eventify incorporated multilingual support, allowing users to access event information in their preferred language.

Interactive Maps: Integrated interactive maps facilitated easy navigation for participants in unfamiliar locations, enhancing their overall experience.

Participant Engagement: Eventify's interactive features, such as live polls and Q&A sessions, promoted active participant engagement, fostering networking opportunities.


The partnership with Eventify significantly improved the efficiency and success of NZTE's international trade event:

Streamlined Communication: Real-time notifications and updates ensured that participants were always informed, reducing confusion and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Improved Participant Experience: The user-friendly interface and interactive features enhanced the overall participant experience, contributing to positive feedback and increased engagement.

Efficient Itinerary Management: Eventify's platform simplified the complex task of managing an intricate itinerary across multiple countries, saving time and resources for NZTE. 

Increased Productivity: The automated features of Eventify reduced manual workload for organizers, allowing them to focus on strategic aspects of the event.

The collaboration between NZTE and Eventify showcased the potential of technology in optimizing international trade events, paving the way for future endeavors in fostering global business relationships.

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About The Company

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), a government agency dedicated to helping New Zealand businesses grow internationally, organized a small travel event akin to a study tour. The event aimed to connect participants with key stakeholders in multiple countries, fostering trade relations and business opportunities. To enhance efficiency, NZTE sought an innovative solution for event management and communication.

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Features Used

Event track and sessions as per date and time in one place
Interactive Maps
Access a map of the exhibitor floor and the locations of each booth.
Push Notification
Send instant push notifications to attendees app

Join 5000+ Conferences Who Use Eventify


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