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Problem Statement

With the expansion of Monthly Barometer's events and their increasing complexity, manual management became a growing challenge. This prestigious international organization, known for hosting high-profile events that bring together thought leaders, policymakers, and experts to tackle global issues, sought assistance. They approached us for an event management app solution.Challenges Faced by MonthlyBarometer:

  • Complex Event Planning: MonthlyBarometer organizes diverse events, including seminars, conferences, and roundtable discussions. Each event required meticulous planning, from attendee registration to agenda creation, venue booking, and communication.
  • Communication and Engagement: Keeping participants informed and engaged was crucial. MonthlyBarometer needed an effective way to send out invitations, updates, and reminders and receive feedback from attendees.
  • Data Management: MonthlyBarometer accumulated a vast amount of attendee data over time. Storing and retrieving this information efficiently was becoming increasingly important for event personalization and reporting.

Key Points

  • On the call, our client Camille initially seemed nervous and unfamiliar with event management apps. However, as our team member demonstrated the platform, he grew visibly happier, realizing it could streamline their work and save time.
  • Later, he requested a trial period to explore the platform. Within a few days, he emailed us, expressing his desire to use the platform for their events.
  • He requested 24-hour support from our team as they were new to the platform. Our team provided continuous assistance throughout the event, and afterward, he expressed gratitude, stating "Thank you to the team for their support."

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Great support from the team and very customisable and the MOST favorite feature on Eventify was the speaker section.

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MonthlyBarometer began searching for an event management solution to streamline their operations. After extensive research and consultations, they discovered Eventify, an event management app known for its robust features and user-friendly interface. 

We examined the challenges they were encountering and presented them with a set of features designed to address these challenges and ensure seamless event management. These include:

Abstract Management: Eventify streamlined MonthlyBarometer's content submission, review, and scheduling, enhancing efficiency. This improved abstract management ensures a smoother selection process, maintaining high-quality content delivery, and contributing to event success.

Attendee Engagement: Eventify facilitated proactive communication, feedback collection, and personalized interactions, boosting engagement, satisfaction, and participant involvement. This enriched the overall event experience and contributed to its success.

Event Analytics Dashboard: Eventify provided MonthlyBarometer with comprehensive event data insights, aiding informed decision-making, audience understanding, and event performance optimization. This drove their event strategy and success.

Customization: Eventify empowered MonthlyBarometer to customize branding, registration forms, and communication for each event, meeting their unique requirements effectively.


MonthlyBarometer opted for Eventify to manage their upcoming events, and the transition was seamless. Eventify's support team guided them throughout, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The results were impressive: smoother operations, time savings, increased attendee engagement, data-driven decision-making through Eventify's analytics, and personalized customization to align with their preferences.

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About The Company

Monthly Barometer is a thought leadership platform dedicated to providing insightful analysis and foresight on global economic, political, and societal trends. Its primary objective is to empower decision-makers, including executives, policymakers, and academics, with valuable insights and data-driven perspectives. The target audience includes leaders from various sectors seeking to navigate a rapidly changing world.

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Features Used

Abstract Management
Abstract management enhances selection, content quality, and ensures event success.
Attendee Engagement
Community and networking at the heart of your event.
Event Analytics Dashboard
Event manager dashboard allows you to view the statistics about your event.

Join 5000+ Conferences Who Use Eventify


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