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Problem Statement

Gala-Global, a highly regarded international organization specializing in hosting prestigious global events and conferences, has encountered significant challenges in their quest to provide exceptional experiences. Despite their dedication, their pursuit of the perfect event management app has been marked by ongoing issues and obstacles. These challenges have led them to seek our assistance. The specific issues they faced include:

  1. Inefficient Event Management Apps: The existing event management apps proved to be inefficient and cumbersome. They often lacked the user-friendly interface and seamless functionality required to manage large-scale international events smoothly.
  2. High Cost: The expense associated with using these applications was notably steep. In comparison to our event app management solution, the cost appeared to be higher.
  3. Limited Engagement Tools: The existing platforms were primarily focused on logistical aspects and failed to provide the engaging features Gala-Global desired. They were particularly interested in enhancing the speaker sessions and fostering attendee engagement through gamification and other such interesting interaction tools.
  4. Improving speaker sessions: Gala-Global wanted a platform that could facilitate dynamic and interactive speaker sessions. They sought features like live polls, Q&A sessions, and audience feedback mechanisms to make presentations more engaging and informative.

Key Points

  • Gala-Global was overwhelmed by the challenges they faced in event management. The frustration led them to search for a solution that could simplify their processes.
  • When Gala-Global discovered Eventify, they were pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and expertise of our team. Our team's proactive assistance in understanding their unique needs was a turning point.
  • Impressed by Eventify's capabilities and our team's support, Gala-Global became not only satisfied but also enthusiastic. They eagerly embraced the platform, recognizing it as the solution they had long been seeking.

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Pretty easy to use, ability for attendees to connect and it was easy to customize.

Lead Event Executive

Solution Statement

After extensive research, Gala-Global found Eventify, a tailored event management platform that perfectly met their requirements. Here are the features that contributed to their event success.

Speaker: We have offered a range of interactive tools to make speaker sessions more engaging and easy to use. This included live polling, Q&A sessions, and audience feedback mechanisms, enabling Gala-Global to transform the way they conducted presentations.

Gamification: The platform incorporated gamification features, such as leaderboards, challenges, and rewards, which encouraged attendees to actively participate in the event and compete with peers. This not only increased engagement but also made the events more enjoyable.

Social Feeds: We have created a social feed feature where attendees could post updates, photos, and engage in discussions during the event. This created a sense of community and allowed attendees to connect and network effortlessly.


The integration of Eventify brought about a remarkable transformation in Gala-Global's events:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Attendees reported significantly higher engagement levels due to the gamification elements and social feed. They felt more connected to the event and enjoyed interacting with fellow participants.
  • Improved Speaker Session: The interactive tools provided by Eventify allowed Gala-Global to conduct more informative and engaging speaker sessions. Feedback from attendees indicated a higher level of satisfaction with the content and presentation.
  • Cost Savings: Eventify offered a more cost-effective solution compared to Gala-Global's previous event management apps. The organization was able to redirect resources towards improving other aspects of their events.

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About The Company

Gala-Global is an international organization, their objective is to deliver exceptional global events and conferences. They cater to a diverse audience, from professionals to industry leaders, fostering networking and knowledge exchange.

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