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Problem Statement

Dentons faced several challenges in enhancing the networking experience for their event with a focus on smart matching functionality. First, the sheer size of the participant pool, consisting of around 400 attendees, presented a logistical challenge in manually facilitating introductions. Second, the diverse professional backgrounds within the legal industry demanded a sophisticated matching algorithm capable of catering to varied areas of expertise. Overcoming these challenges was essential to ensure the successful implementation of the app and its effectiveness in encouraging meaningful social connections among participants.


1. Enhance Networking Experience: Dentons aimed to create a more engaging and productive networking experience for the participants of their event.

2. Encourage Social Connections: The primary objective was to encourage social connections among attendees by facilitating meaningful matches through the app.

3. Efficient Matching Process: Dentons wanted a streamlined and efficient process for matching participants, reducing the time and effort required for attendees to identify potential connections.

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Dentons partnered with a custom app development company to create a mobile application tailored to their specific needs. The app included the following key features:

1. Registration Survey: Upon registration, participants were prompted to fill in a short survey. The survey collected information on areas of expertise, interests, and hobbies, allowing the app to gather relevant data for the matching algorithm.

2. Smart Matching Algorithm: The app incorporated an advanced matching algorithm that intelligently analyzed the survey responses. It considered factors such as professional expertise, industry focus, and personal interests to generate high-quality matches.

3. Real-time Matching Results: Participants received real-time notifications about potential matches, allowing them to connect seamlessly during the event. The app presented a list of suggested connections, along with common areas of interest and expertise.

4. Integrated Messaging System: To facilitate communication, the app included an integrated messaging system. Participants could initiate conversations with their matches directly through the platform.


1. Increased Social Connections: The app's smart matching functionality significantly increased the number of meaningful connections made during the event. Participants reported a higher satisfaction with the quality of their networking interactions.

2. Time Efficiency: The streamlined matching process saved participants time and effort in identifying relevant connections, enabling them to focus on building relationships and maximizing the event experience.

3. Positive Participant Feedback: Post-event surveys revealed overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants regarding the effectiveness of the app in fostering social connections. Many expressed appreciation for the personalized and relevant matches suggested by the algorithm.

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About The Company

Dentons, a global law firm known for its commitment to innovation and client service, was hosting a major event aimed at fostering networking and collaboration among its professionals. Recognizing the importance of creating meaningful connections, Dentons sought to leverage technology to enhance the networking experience for participants. The goal was to implement a mobile application with advanced matching functionality that could intelligently connect individuals based on their areas of expertise, interests, and hobbies.

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