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Problem Statement

Facing frustration with the existing array of event management software, Business Media, a utility company, turned to us for assistance. Dissatisfied with the available options that did not align with their requirements, they were in search of a streamlined application. Their aim was to provide a seamless platform for A Leading Producer and Publisher of Information and Education, dedicated to serving the Utility Safety and Operations Leadership Community.

Their primary emphasis was on session scanning, aiming to simplify session entry and tracking for their event. Additionally, they were in search of an affordable event management application that suited their limited budget for the event.

Key Points

  • When the company reached out to us, they expressed their current utilization of an event management app but conveyed their dissatisfaction with its offerings. Furthermore, they found the pricing to be excessive for their needs.
  • Our team introduced them to a platform that offers white-labeled apps, granting them greater autonomy to select what aligns best with their preferences, all within a budget-friendly range.
  • They expressed contentment and satisfaction upon discovering our event management app. They also highlighted how this plan is particularly beneficial in enabling smaller companies to efficiently operate.

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The team has really been great and the price is very helpful to allow smaller companies to operate with this great app.

Event Organizer from Business Media Utility

Solution Statement

When we identified the obstacles faced by Business Media, the utility company, we swiftly provided them with the exact solution they were seeking. With Eventify, they obtain an economical event management application equipped with Session Scanning features. 

This functionality not only simplifies session registration and participant involvement but also elevates attendee satisfaction and overall event effectiveness. The real-time data insights extracted from Session Scanning empower organizers with valuable information, enabling them to fine-tune event strategies, customize content, and make well-informed choices. This synergy ultimately leads to a more triumphant and influential event experience.


After digging into Business Media's challenges, we swiftly handed them the perfect fix. Through Eventify, they snagged a budget-friendly event app loaded with many features and especially slick Session Scanning. The result? A whopping boost in event impact and success – we're talking a solid 60% improvement!

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About The Company

Utility Business Media is a dynamic company focused on delivering insightful and up-to-date content within the utility sector. Its purpose is to empower professionals, decision-makers, and enthusiasts with valuable industry news, trends, and analysis. Targeting a broad audience ranging from utility executives and regulators to investors and technology innovators, the company serves as an essential resource for informed decision-making and strategic planning in the evolving utilities landscape.

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