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event checklist for organisers

B2B Event Checklist For Event Organisers

Organising an event is no cakewalk. There are plenty of things you need to take care of while organising an event. Starting right from the venue, to promotions and registrations, to accommodation. Organising an event requires a lot of planning and punctuality. You can’t rush through the process. It will take a good amount of time and planning. You need to be very systematic and go in a sequence, making sure things are done in an order. Here is a checklist of things timed out for you to know what to do when. 




  • Establish Event Goals And Objective: Decide on the theme and objective of the event, whether you want to raise funds or just reach out to the audience. If you are organising a tech or business event, discuss the scope and size of the event. 



  • Make A Master Plan: Get your committee members and heads ready. Start mapping out every detail, make a blueprint for every section of the event and designate tasks to the teams responsible for it. 


  • Create An Event Budget: Always be very sorted with the budgets and financials. While making your master plan, include everything you might need – and based on that, set your budget. On the safe side, set your budget a little higher than the minimum requirement. 


  • Brand Your Event: It is one of those things where you need to be a little smart and creative. Decide on a logo and an interesting tagline, something that describes your event. And start building your event website since it will be the first touch point for your attendees. 


  • Contact Sponsors And Speakers: You must start approaching the speaker and pitching the sponsors since these things take time to get finalized. And when you are deciding on the speaker, keep in mind to have some replacement in case someone cancels at the end moment. 


  • Get Your Event Management Software: Start looking for options on the market. Be very specific and look for something which will fit into the needs of your event. It will be a not-so-short process, it takes time when you try different platforms and negotiate a deal. So, start as early as you can. 


  • Release – Early Bird Tickets: Once you are sorted with your event website and ticketing platform, release your early bird tickets. This will be of great help with event awareness as well. 




  • Finalize Speakers and Presenters: Have the contract(s) signed, if required. Schedule interviews for promotions and get the photos for printing. Also, ask the speakers to start sharing about your event on their social media handles. 



  • Get Financial And Administration Done: Set the levels and amount for sponsorship. Start setting the prices of registration and on-site ticketing. Also, enable online registrations for the attendees. 


  • Venue And Logistics Planning: Determine the number of attendees and finalize a venue and caterer. Arrange for A/V equipment, security and any special permissions you will be requiring. Also, coordinate with the venue manager and discuss the menu with the caterer. 


  • Start Promoting On Social Media: Post on all social media handles. Share small sneak peaks videos of your previous events. Get your speakers to share and tag your event on their social media profiles. You can also start live polling and host small Q&A sessions. 


  • Finalize The Sponsors: Get the contract signed and ask for the details for promotions. Finalize the design of the banners and flexes with the sponsor’s logo.  


  • Get The Publicity Materials: Finalize the designs for your banners and flexes. Order for the printing for VIP passes and coupons you will be requiring. Get logos and all the details of your sponsors and exhibitors. 


  • Close Early Bird Tickets: Close the early bird tickets and get the other categories live. Also, get started with the online registrations / check-ins. 




  • Host Committee Meeting: Conduct a meeting with all the committee members and heads, review all the details and plans. Check on the security plans, menu, venue setting and all the other details. 



  • Finalize Event Script: Review the whole event script, every session and activity, the whole schedule of all the days. Also, have a session with your speakers and presenters for practice. Time out the sessions, check the technicals and finalize the script. 


  • Do A Final Registration Check: Check the online registrations and review the procedure for on-site checkin. Have a meeting with the registration team and go through all the details. Also, check on your event software for managing the registrations.  


  • Confirm Media Attendees: Never forget the media! They will give you a huge boost. Send media invitations and confirm their presence. Check on the special passes and seating arrangement for the media attendees. 


  • Get started With Event App: Even if you will be making your app with simple drag and drop feature, start building it now since there is a lot you need to show on your app. Start putting the event info, sponsor and exhibitor info as you will be receiving them. 



  • Check All A/V Equipments: Make sure you have checked the A/V equipment one day prior to the event since you wouldn’t like any technical issues on the big day. Also keep the spares handy and instruct the technical team to be alert. 


  • Check On the Props: Ensure all the props you will be needing during the event are already on the site. Do a final check on all the tables, plaques and promo-items.


  • One Final Tour: Have a detailed tour of the venue, check everything your attendees will come across. 


  • Confirm Attendance And Accomodation: Ensure all the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and presenters are well received. Coordinate with the accommodation team and hotel for a comfortable stay of your attendees. Also, confirm the presence of media people. 



  • Good Night’s Sleep: You have done a great job! Now cuddle your bed and have a good night’s sleep. This will help you to look fresh and be active for the very busy event days. 



  • Have It All Handy: Have a copy of all the instructions and schedule handy with yourself. Check on all the teams. Instruct, supervise and assist the team leads. 


  • Greet The Attendees: Welcome the attendees with all your heart. Make sure, they have one of the best event experiences.


  • Assist Sponsors, Speakers And Exhibitors: Greet your sponsors and exhibitors. Make sure they have everything they need. Also, you can take the sponsors on a venue tour showing them around. 


  • Keep Updating The Attendees: The best thing an event app does to an event is facilitating attendee interactions. Keep updating your attendees and promoting your sponsors on the event app. 


Every event is different, you might need to alter or add a few things to your event checklist. Moreover, the time schedule might also differ. The important thing is to have an event checklist, so that you manage well and don’t miss out on anything. 


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