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    Amazing Rewards

    Eventify is a Virtual event management platform that provides multiple opportunities to stand out from the rest of the events. Just setting up challenges is not enough to increase the engagement of your virtual event, why would someone even attempt a challenge without getting a prize. Encourage your attendees to attempt all the challenges and increase your event’s engagement by assigning points or rewards to each challenge.

    Increase Stages of Networking

    Our event networking platform provides opportunities to promote both sponsors and exhibitors through gamification. On the engagement side, the host can simply award attendees points for visiting the exhibitor booths and sponsor page. That means the host can assign a number of points for increasing the stages of networking.

    Adjust the Scoring Scheme

    The host can adjust the scoring scheme to encourage the attendees to perform the actions they want them to. If the host wants to get some profile pictures from the event to use in future communications, they can set the point values for posting profile photos, encouraging their attendees to post photos.

    Inspire Attendee's to Gain Interest

    The host can properly design a gamification plan to reflect and boost the event’s goals from both the attendee's and the host’s perspectives. No matter what your goal is awarding points and providing rewards can ignite the event. Gamification acts as a powerful way to inspire attendees to take action at your event.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here is the following list of activities that can be set as single or recurring challenges.

    a) Reviewing the sessions

    b) Adding BookMarks

    c) Ask a question during the session or comment on others comments.

    d) Getting a deal from an exhibitor or sending an email to an exhibitor.

    e) Scan a QR Code

    f ) Like a post or comment on a social feed.

    g) Vote on a social poll.

    h) Complete a survey

    i ) Like and comment on the community forum.

    j ) Get a point on every like or comment you get on a post.

    k ) Add a photo or poll on the activity feed

    l ) Add a photo to the gallery

    Organizers have an option to set if they want the attendee to get notified as a popup every time they earn a point after successful completion of a challenge.

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