6 best ways to Market your Virtual Event at ease

January 14, 2022
5 min read

By now I guess we all are quite familiar with this whole virtual mode. Virtual training, virtual learning, virtual teaching all have become the talk of the town. If we dig the hole deeper we’ll know that hosting an online event requires as much precision and time as hosting an in-person event.If you are to prepare for an online event “What will make my event stand out from the crowd” should be something you should be looking forward to. This is the question you should answer as the organizer when promoting your event. Trust me there’s a cat’s race going on out there and it might be just as difficult to sustain your feet and leave a mark. But as it is correctly said, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

Do you use the best virtual conference platform? If yes, then that’s awesome! You can check up free virtual conference platforms if you’re a newbie. Definitely, among all the other marketing strategies, reaching out to the correct audience tops the list. Here are a few ways you can use to promote and market your virtual event to help you sustain better in this industry.

  1. Create an alluring event page - On your event app, you can create an exceptional event page as this is the place where everyone learns about your event. Entice people to sign up by creating catchy slogans, pictures, inviting professional keynote speakers and putting in all the other essential details which your audience should know. Finally, make your event page a one-stop shop for information by feeding in relevant details like date and time of your event, speakers, sponsors, agenda, etc.
  2. Use relevant keywords to improve your search potential -  Using keywords is the most important step to rank your business website. You can use SEO for increasing traffic to your website. You can use free keyword research tools to discover the most apt and high ranking keywords as you want to promote your event. Search similar words and phrases such as ‘virtual marketing platform’ or ‘virtual event platform’.
  3. Include sponsors - Obtaining sponsors will greatly reduce the costs of organizing the virtual event. Of course, getting well-known sponsors will be an added plus point as it will attract more audience and elevate your event. You can go in for trusted brands like Microsoft and Mercedes which can build more trust among the audience that it is a reputed event and not any fraud.  
  1. Make accessibility a priority- Easy access is something everyone looks forward to. You can be using the best virtual event platform but you can’t control certain glitches that might occur. Be precautious and keep the bandwidth in a place close to your device for better connectivity. Pace the event well. These small things can really help you avoid unnecessary mishaps.
  2. Advertise about your event on social media - You can probably use all social media platforms to market your event. Icing on the cake can be to create eye catching posters or short video clips about your event. Using hashtags can be effective in spreading a word about your upcoming event.
  3. Use email marketing - Emailing can just sound absurd in this digital marketing world. But yet today email marketing is an effective strategy. To share information about upcoming activities, send email newsletters to your curated email list. You can make your mail a little more exciting by adding new event announcements and exciting updates. Pepper your email with lively pictures and to make it more spicy, go in for offers and  discounts.

As much as you have put in for the event, don't forget to concentrate on the post-event as well. Collect feedback after the event and stick around for a while to get an idea how your event went. If it's all positives then you’re already doing a great job! You should go out of your way to make your virtual conference a must-attend experience. Hopefully, the ideas shared above can help you leave a trail and bolster your event.

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