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    Product Showcase

    Eventify is an event management platform that provides this feature that allows your exhibitors to showcase their products. Enables them to display their products to the attendees in the event app.

    Drive Exhibitors Engagement

    It makes a huge difference in the impact of your event if you choose the right event management platform. Not only should the event app provide an interface with features like maps and schedules, but also provide effective tools to drive exhibitors' engagement. You need to be able to show exhibitors that partnering in your event can offer them a strong ROI.

    Attract the buyers

    The main reason to showcase the products is to engage attendees through visual merchandising. By creating virtual displays you might attract buyers to your products. It helps you to anticipate what might attract certain types of buyers.

    Attendees can easily access product information

    Attendees can get a clear idea of what the exhibitors' store is about. They can easily access information about the exhibitors and their products. A proper window showcase can provide a positive impression of your event and exhibitors' products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, eventify allows exhibitors to set up their virtual booth on the platform. They get an opportunity to do “Branding”, “Showcase Product”, “Create Deal”, offer “Coupons Code” and share their info details through image, text and video to encourage attendees or visitors to send enquiry emails.

    Exhibitors can upload multiple videos. There is no limit on the number of document-based resources they would like to upload

    Yes, there is an option for exhibitors to set up appointments with attendees if an attendee requests a meeting.

    Only organizers can download and complete the provided template and upload the file in .csv format when they’re ready with bulk exhibitors’ details. It depends on the organizer to allow exhibitors with admin access to self-populate their profiles through the admin panel.

    Yes, if the staff members of the sponsors have their accounts created on this platform, then they can receive chat or meeting requests from other attendees participating in the event.

    Yes, exhibitors can offer deals, and share coupon codes with validity on their profile page to attract the attention of the attendees.

    Exhibitors can upload handouts, videos, and set up product or service details to introduce themself to the profile visitors. They can also share their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and WhatsApp details for attendees to get more information.

    Yes, organizers can feature some of the exhibitors to highlight them on the exhibitor’s list

    Yes, exhibitors can showcase multiple products on their profile page, they can upload preview images, set product category/sub-categories, and add descriptions for their product.

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