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    Make Your Event Come Alive With Live Polls and Q&A Sessions

    Do not organize just another stereotypical business event. Add a touch of innovation with mobile Q&A, live polling (app-based), one-on-one appointments and more. Bolster user engagement figures manifold.


    The Coolest Interactive Features On Your Event App

    Live Polls

    Get instant insights, opinions and feedback from attendees, and modify event services accordingly.

    Session Feedback

    Allow delegates to rate each conference session/speaker on a 5-point scale. Learn what your users love the most.

    Custom Notifications

    Send customized push notifications to all users, or select sections of attendees. Create accompanying emails too.

    Mobile Q&A

    Users can directly post questions to speakers through the mobile event app. Speakers can view and reply to such questions instantly.

    Questions & Results

    Present questions and responses on users’ walls, in order to enhance overall engagement levels.

    Track & Monitor

    Discover your attendees’ preferences, track user-behavior on the mobile event app, and monitor ticketing and onsite check-ins. Use the information to deliver optimized event experiences.

    Customised Live Polls In Your Event App

    Set up live polls on the mobile event app created with Eventify. Choose any pertinent topic related to your event, track responses, and understand your attendees better.
    • Create a live poll in a matter of minutes.
    • Select from multiple poll-type options.
    • Display live poll results to all users.
    • Collect valuable insights about your attendees.

    Say ‘Hi’ To More Engaging Event Q&A Sessions

    Help attendees get the most out of the Q&A sessions at events and conferences. On Eventify, questions asked to speakers and/or fellow attendees can be viewed and answered instantly.
    • Create & edit push notifications the way you want.
    • Select the audience to send notifications to.
    • Decide whether you would like to send emails too.
    • Track the status of all sent push notifications.

    Get Attendees To Join In From
    Event Website Or Event App

    Open web browser/mobile browser.

    Go to

    Enter the event code to start participating.