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What Makes A Great Online Virtual Event ? Tips And Ideas For Event Managers

January 14, 2022
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There’s always one element that makes a thing great. There’s an added advantage if there is more than one thing. Like, a plain vanilla ice cream becomes great if chocolate sauce is added. A movie becomes great if songs are added. You can make anything great by just adding that one element to it. But do you know you can make an online event great? How? Let us know.

You might be juggling to make your event perfect. But guess what? It does not really require that much blood and sweat. One of the best things to do to make your event great is simply to be yourself. Don't put on a false sugar coated layer. People dislike that and they will run away. Be original as you are unique in your own way and that is what will attract your audience. Let us look at some of the ideas that make a great online virtual event.

  1. Clear objective

Be focussed and have a goal. Keep a clear objective and stick to it. You can even share  your agenda before the event with your audience to keep them aware of what the event is all  about. Have a clear objective and under-standing of what you want to achieve and target the correct audience.

2. Networking Networking is typically the most appealing aspect of an event, and it's crucial to its overall success. Attendees, vendors, exhibitors, and event planners are all searching for ways to interact, and it's your responsibility as the planner to help them do so. Help like-minded audiences connect through easy networking options like Q&A, live polls or any interactive game.  3. Speakers As an event manager it is your responsibility to get the best speakers. With online events you have an advantage of getting speakers from any part of the world. So choose the best speakers for your event. Whether you have numerous guest speakers or merely one, your speakers must contribute to the overall goal of the event (s). Once you've finalised your roster, tell them everything they need to know about the event, including any insights into the aims, topics, and audience. Make sure you comprehend your speaker's content and that you won't alienate your audience.  

4. OrganizationYou need to be able to accomplish roughly 50 things at once to conduct a good event. You need to be organised and on your toes. This multitasking ability is one of the most important skills in event management, since it is essential for both easy preparation and faultless implementation. Working in the events industry necessitates the capacity to keep track of all the small details while focusing on the big picture. The more organised you are the less worries you have. Always keep a plan B ready.  5. Clear CommunicationClear, firm, and kind communication identifies you as a team leader, keeps everyone on track, and ensures that everyone understands the event's goals. Communication might feel daunting in a virtual event but with short Q&A and interactions in between you can still be on track. It permits you to effectively express your idea and elicit enthusiasm from others. Communicate in a way that is respectful to all those involved and does not put anyone down. Accept constructive criticism and be receptive to new ideas. You'll be well on your way to a fantastic event if you concentrate on these fundamentals. Post-communication will make your participants have a higher appreciation for your event. It's time to make your event GREAT!

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