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Google has funded Eventify in its Startup for Cloud program

We’ve Got Funding From Google!


We’ve got some excellent news to share. Google has selected Eventify Inc. as a part of the Google Cloud for Startups program. The benefits are uber-great: Google has offered us a cloud infrastructure support worth $20,000 this year — and once that’s finished, another $80,000 for next year, making it a total of whopping $100,000.

Usually such offering are to the best and the most innovative startups mostly associated with accelerators. What’s great is that for a self-funded platform like Eventify, being selected for this program is a really significant milestone!

How Will This Funding Help Eventify?

We’ll be straightforward about this — financial constraints are always a concern for a product like Eventify. Now that Google has come forward with this funding support, we can relax just a little 🙂 We can now concentrate more on what we do best — refining the technology, adding features to the platform — and making the best use of the available financial resources.

The cloud funding from Google will be used for supporting and upgrading the cloud infrastructure for Eventify. The financial aid could go up to $80,000 for the 2nd year. Taken overall, we will be getting $100,000 as credits right through the entire Google Cloud Platform over the next couple of years.

Being a part of this Google Cloud For Startups program will enable us to incorporate the latest, best-in-class tools and technologies in the Eventify platform.

We have immediate plans to make the backend and the cloud infrastructure more efficient, by minimising redundancy and focusing on delivering greater flexibility and ease of usage to event managers/planners/organisers. Eventify will now become highly available across global cloud delivery network — we can promise you that!

Passing on the benefits to our users :

With immediate effect, we have made our Business Pro package FREE for first-time users/events. We’re only able to do this without having to worry about financial viability of large number of first time users onboarding onto our platform. We feel that this move will result in more happy customers!

In conclusion, Induction in the Google Cloud for Startups and this funding is just the shot in the arm that Eventify was crying out for. With cloud expenses being trimmed down, we are committed in making our product better each day.

From everyone here at Team Eventify, all we have to say is:

“Thank You, Google”.

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