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Virtual Events Vs Physical Events : Benefits of hosting your event online

Are you a stay-at-home person or an outdoorsy person? Well, with the current situation it is best to be a stay-at-home person. It can be daunting for a full bound extrovert to stay at home, but guess what? You can actually do almost all the things from home that you can do while being outside.


Unbelievable right? Let’s just thank Mr technology for that! You can shop, you can conduct webinars, you can teach online and what not. Isn’t it great? All these things just from the comfort of your home! You even get food delivered to your doorstep. What more can you ask for! And how about growing your business online?

Many event managers are already flourishing with their online business. Both in-person and virtual events have their own pros and cons. Here’s a quick comparison between virtual and physical events to help you decide victory for yourself.


1. Reach

An in-person event can be hands down more approachable. Interactions can be more specific and clear. But again it all comes down to one thing- What good in a physical event if it doesn’t deliver value? Also you can’t invite more than a specific number of people due to space crunch.

On the other hand in a virtual event there’s no limit to the number of participants attending your event. The more the merrier. People from any corner of the world can attend it from their respective devices.

2. Budget

When it comes to putting on a physical event, a lot of money is expended and eventually lost between renting venues, booking guest accommodations, paying for flights for guest speakers and providing food and other necessities. Arranging for mics and stands can pin additional charges. All in all a lot of money is unnecessarily wasted.

While hosting a virtual event you can cut down on these expenses efficiently. Since there is no travelling you can invite more speakers and guests. Bonus is there’s no time and space limit. Technical costs won’t be skyrocketing as you might think.


3. Audience engagement and interaction

In a physical event majority of the attendees might just feel shy and not walk up to you with any queries or feedback.

While in a virtual event with live polls, Q&A sessions you can get instant feedback and make your attendees fully engaged in your event. 1:1 private messaging feature can be equally effective for a person who feels shy to have a face to face conversation.


4. Content

You put in all your efforts and energy to put up something valuable and wholesome. Endless and exhausting hours of research just to make your content stand out. You don’t want people to frown upon your event.

Best part about a virtual event is that all of your content belongs to you and can be used in future correspondence. In other words, all of your hard work isn’t limited to the length of your event, but can be classified as a long-term asset.


5. Environment friendly

A lot of waste can be generated after the event.  People can be careless with disposing of waste properly. Printing of brochures and pamphlets can also increase a detrimental impact on the environment.

All these things are easily omitted in a virtual event. There’s no food involved thus no waste generated. Also brochures are created and circulated online hence making the event environment friendly and healthy.


6. Data collection

The majority of physical events will collect check-in data during the event and conduct a survey afterward. Without technological assistance, collecting data for a physical event is difficult. Event organizers can require a set of members to manually collect data, which will take a long time to put into the database.

In a virtual event, event organisers can track and collect data on spot. The attendees can even check-in and register online to avoid any chaos. With the data stored, you can keep a track of who all are attending your event, what worked and what didn’t can be monitored and it can be used for making ground breaking events in the future.


Honestly there’s no rocket science involved in hosting an event. Be it in-person or virtual open up and explore every opportunity coming your way. If you’re looking for an online event platform we’re here to help. Switch to Eventify and create an enthralling event experience for your audience. We promise you won’t regret it!



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