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    Virtual Events : Challenges and Solutions

    Virtual Events have taken a different turn today, and it is doing wonders! By now we already know they’re here to stay and they have already made an exceptional mark on every individual today. In today’s globalized market world, they make sense. Virtual events will continue to encourage companies to reach out to attendees online, all over the world, even if in-person events do make a comeback.


    One of the most puzzling question that pops up is – “ Are virtual events challenging”?  “Can it help me stay on top of all the recent business changes”? Well let me throw some light at the good things first. According to research, more than 70% of event planners claim that once they get back into the swing of things, the bulk of their activities would be hybrid, combining both in-person and virtual elements.


    This very much proves the fact that there must be something that the event managers don’t want to let go off of the virtual events. We already know the vast benefits of virtual events. But again, everything has its pros and cons. It is a mixed bag. However, every cloud has a silver lining. So along with the challenges there are always simple solutions that can help you enjoy the virtual experience more.

    Let us look at some of the common challenges event managers face and how they can overcome them.


    1. Attendee Interaction and Engagement

    This can be one of the biggest challenges as you don’t really know what’s happening at the other side of the screen. Most of the time you might feel your audience is not paying attention. Concentration is lost after a certain span. So what do you do?


    The best solution to this can be careful planning and perfect execution. These words may seem heavy but there is very little you have to do. Make your event lively. Keep your audience engaged. Make lively presentations, hold interactive sessions, include live Q&As, polls, and surveys. That’s the secret! Another best thing you can do is to keep your event short and sweet. Pace your event well.



    2. Secure Networking 

    Building connections online is another taxing task. Many virtual events are forgotten due to a lack of a strong social component. Most of the time half of the audience are unaware who the other attendees are and why are they here. This can be dangerous for you and your event as you might lose potential clients.


    To solve the networking challenge, the best thing you can do is to help connect the audience on the basis of  mutually common interests. A virtual booth, for example, can be created using a digital lead capture tool that allows participants to speak one-on-one with subject matter experts.


    3. Technical Expertise

    A virtual event for some just means another zoom or skype meeting or a video call to be more specific. But that is not what it always means. If you have to host an event online, there goes in much more technicalities.


    Being able to access a few of the technical expertise can help you create and host a better event and something that your audience loves. All in all choosing the right virtual event platform can solve all of your problems and you don’t have to worry much about the technical part.


    4.  Monetization Benefits

    For all B2B sectors live events are a significant source of revenue. But often event managers are unable to push up their sales. This way they lose half of their clients.


    The right integrations, analytics and reporting will help event planners increase revenue from virtual events. On Eventify you can get Fully Customised Tickets @ $1/Ticket. You can get your event registrations and ticket sales process fully interlinked, for a uniformly smooth experience.


    5. Reporting and Analytics

    Virtual activities, like any other interactive activity, produce vast quantities of useful data, which is one of their many distinct advantages. The challenge, however, is turning this data into actionable insights, which is difficult to do when you’re using several systems to drive interaction.


    Every team must have access to the same data to optimize insight into where attendees are in the purchasing funnel. As a result, separate data sources must be consolidated to avoid the emergence of so-called information silos. You can get instant feedback through analytics. This will help you know how good you are doing in your field.

    Despite the challenges one cannot deny the underlying benefits and advantages it comes with. Especially if you want to push up your business and give it the wings it needs even during the pandemic, Virtual events are the answer! Understand the process and enjoy it and see yourself flying.