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Top notch features of Eventify to make your Event stand out

January 14, 2022
5 min read

The entire world is focussing on just one thing right now- “ How can we fight this deadly virus”? Amidst this chaos people cannot forget about their business and just stop working. Everyone has to feed their stomachs. But right now the most ‘in thing’ is conducting anything virtually. Businessmen are focussing on conducting virtual events and shooting their business as much as possible. It can be intimidating to deal with a totally new thing at first but with time things might just be in your favour. The most crucial and important thing that is needed for conducting an event online is a virtual event platform. Choosing the best one can ease out all your problems which you might be having otherwise.

Eventify is now ready with its virtual platform. Not just that, it has some exciting features in store that you can explore and make your event shine out. One of the most important advantages of organizing a virtual event is the audience you can attract. And you already know the golden rule- the more the merrier.Let us take a look at all the exciting features of Eventify which you shouldn’t miss out.

  • Event App/Website - On Eventify you can create fully functional and customised mobile event applications. Our multi-featured event app builder tool offers end-to-end support for creating an engaging, dynamic and informative event app from scratch. Customisable and user-friendly website can help you create your event in just a few minutes. Build a professional and flexible website for all types of conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, workshops, meetings, and other B2B events in 15 minutes (or less).
  • Event Ticketing - Take your ROI to the next level with our never-before flat rate event ticketing services. Sell tickets online on Eventify’s intuitive, customised and 100% secure ticketing platform. You can create your own ticket labels, assign tickets with ease, provide coupons, offer discounts and a lot more. Make online event ticketing and registrations simpler than ever before with Eventify.
  • Event Networking - Eventify’s multi-featured event networking platform takes attendee engagement levels to the next level. Get on board to enjoy secure tag-based networking. Stay connected to your attendees prior to the event, during the conference, and after the event is over.
  • Attendee Interaction - Eventify brings to you a comprehensive set of features to boost user-engagement levels. Push up attendee interaction and let your audience stay connected with you. Send last minute messages through push notifications and don't let your audience miss out on anything.
  • Live polls and Q&A - Set up live polls on the mobile event app created with Eventify. Choose any pertinent topic related to your event, track responses, and understand your attendees better. Say ‘Hi’ To More Engaging Event Q&A Sessions. Get feedback and see what works best for you.
  • Simple User Registration & Ticketing Solutions - Sell tickets online on Eventify’s intuitive, customised and 100% secure ticketing platform, and start making more. Take your ROI to the next level with our never-before flat rate event ticketing services.
  • Reporting and analytics - Keep track of the people and devices on which your app is being used. Check out detailed event attendee stats, analytics & figures. Keep a record of everything and everyone.

Doesn't this sound exciting? All these cool features on just a single app. What more can you ask for? Enjoy every bit of what you do and make the process more enjoyable. Make the best use of online platforms to deliver an enriching experience to your audience. To be the best you need to deliver the best. Make that your mantra and see the results yourself.

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