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Top 6 Ways In Which Event Apps Can Enhance Event Experience

January 14, 2022
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There are more than 5 million meetings and events worldwide that take place every year. On an average, an attendee will attend 6 to 7 events in a year. Now you need to up your odds of being one of those seven events. You need to make sure you design the event in such a way that it will redefine the attendee experience and better the experience. An event app is one of the several creative and trending ways to do it. Here are some ideas about how you can play around with your event app to better the event experience.

I-beacon Technology

I-beacons are constantly revolutionizing the location based technology. If your attendees have downloaded the app for your event, then you will be able to pinpoint the location of your attendees, irrespective of whether they are using the app or not. You can also set up customized messages which your attendees will receive when they pass by the specific beacon. This does wonders for conventions and trade shows.

Boost Branding

Mobile event apps are the best way to promote your brand and your sponsors among your attendees. Event apps are the most handy billboards - which create brand visibility and loyalty,  and keeps your brand in the forefront. These apps work really well when it comes to lead generation and monetization for your sponsors.

Attendee Engagement 24X7

Event apps provide a huge platform for your attendees engagement. You can include polling and gamification in your event apps for your attendees. Your attendees can network with fellow attendees from their own community. You get to send live updates and share all the essential info about the event.

Feedback And Ratings

One of the most important aspects of an event is the opinion of the attendees. Event apps make this task very easy for you. You can just ask your attendees after every session to rate the session agenda and speaker. You can also take their feedback for your upcoming events. Event apps are paperless and eliminate all the hassle of feedback forms.

Build Your Community

It is quite difficult to keep in touch with your attendees after the event is over. However, with event apps, you can easily stay in contact with your attendees post event. Once your attendees download the event app during the event, they are going to remain in your contact list/list of users. You can build your own community with these attendees, include them into ongoing discussions and inform them about your upcoming events.

Gives The Information And Power

An event app just puts all the vital information in the hands of your attendees without too much effort. You can easily feed them with your event info and latest updates with notifications and private messaging. And your attendees get the power to choose from all the given options and explore further in that particular area. There are so many ways in which event apps better the experience for you and your attendees. You get to update the schedule, sponsor info, exhibitors list, and monetize your app. Your attendees get an opportunity to connect with the alfa of the clans, choose their session and give their genuine opinion with a few clicks.

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