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Mobile app for event registrations

Top 5 Reasons For Using An Event Registration App

Event registration apps are a disrupting innovation. They are constantly transforming the event industry and have totally changed the way in which events were planned, right from the event registration, to post-event surveys and everything in between. There is a huge part of an industry which is already in the game and some are still catching up. Event technology is a simple yet smart way to get your attendees satisfied and make them come back for more. Event registration apps as an integral part of the event tech, enhance the attendee and event experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely go for event registration apps.  

Great Attendee Experience

One of the most important components of an event is attendee satisfaction. It is something as important as ROI. With event registration apps, you can eliminate all the hassles of event sheets, name badges and never ending queues. You can just register your attendees by their name or confirmation number. It saves you time and satisfies your attendees.

Go Green

Event planners invest a lot of paper and money in their event. By printing a large number of revised registration lists, you increase your budget and adversely affect the environment. Event registration apps save both money and the environment for you. And also, at many times, event planners misplace the registration list at the last minute. You can keep such scary scenarios at an arm’s length with an event registration app.

Get Real-Time Event Data

These apps put the power in your hand. You can have an easy control of your event data with the event registration apps. These apps collect the vital information, from popular sessions to attendees’ behaviour, in real-time. You can also keep a very easy track of all the attendees. It also rescues you from the hassles with the last minute registrations.

Increase Your Event ROI

Event registration apps not only help you with the whole registration process, they also make the payment procedure very easy for you and your attendees. These days, the millennials hardly carry any cash, they walk with their credit and debit cards to swipe. So here, event registration apps help you to accomodate in-paid balances and keep track of them.

Increase Productivity

Your productivity increases when you automate your manual work. Event technology can boost your productivity by 27% and lower your event cost by 30%. Event registration apps work as your extended team and take off a lot of burden from your shoulders.

There is a lot more you can do with an event registration app. You can set VIP guest arrival alerts, and you can update the guest info instantly. And you can also get all the functions in one app along with event registration feature. If you are still wondering about it, then you are definitely playing catch up with your competitors. Soon the question is going to change from “Why to use an event registration app?” to “Which event registration apps should be used?”. Be on your toes and go for it in your next event.

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