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    Startcon, Nordic Smart Cities, Nordic APIs Platform Summit

    Top 4 Event Apps Created With The Eventify Platform

    Over the last couple of years or so, our digital app-builder platform has been used to build the official mobile event apps of some of the biggest international business and tech events. Here’s a quick roundup of some high-profile B2B events we have collaborated with:

    Startcon 2017

    Startcon 2017 was held on the 1st and 2nd of December, at Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse. Billed as the biggest startup and growth conference in Australia, it drew in well over 3500 business visitors. More than 600 startups participated in the event.

    Teksmobile was one of the official partners of the Startcon 2017 event. The Eventify platform was used to build both the iOS and Android versions of the event’s app. In what was a #win moment for us, the Startcon 2017 app (iOS) was featured among the top-25 in the App Store, less than 12 hours after its launch.

    Important Features Of The Startcon 2017 App (Built With Eventify):

    • SchedulingDetailed information on all the tracks and sessions, along with timings and rooms for each session, were displayed.
    • Speakers → More than 60 speakers participated in Startcon 2017, and all the relevant information about them was presented on the app.
    • Messaging & push-notifications → In order to bolster event networking, direct messaging (one-on-one messaging) feature was implemented in the app. In addition, global push notifications could be sent, to keep attendees updated.
    • QR code scanning → This was added to pull up networking options for the event attendees further. Users could directly navigate to the bar code scanning screen.
    • Exhibitor details and sponsor details → People could look up all the exhibitors and official sponsors of Startcon 2017.
    • Interactive maps and venue information → GPS technology was used to create interactive maps for the event. In addition, venue details and directions/maps were also made available for reference.

    All other pertinent information about the event were included in the Startcon 2017 mobile app.

    Nordic APIs Platform Summit 2017

    The Nordic APIs 2017 event was hosted in Stockholm, from the 9th to the 11th of October. It ranks among the largest API-focused events in the world. A series of interactive workshops were held during the event – and the primary focus was on ‘scaling the API platform’.

    The Head of the API Practices team of Teksmobile was present at Nordic APIs 2017. He used the platform to share his knowledge and knowhow on enterprise APIs to a global audience. The Eventify tool was also used to develop the official mobile app of the event. (Incidentally, the CEO of Teksmobile had held a session on ‘API Strategy Optimisation’ at the 2016 edition of the event).

    Important Features Of The Nordic APIs Platform Summit 2017 App (Built With Eventify):

    • Sponsors, exhibitors and speakers → Business visitors could check out at one go the names and details of all the official sponsors, exhibiting partners and keynote speakers. Full scheduling of the event was provided.
    • Customisations → The organiser was given the option to select personalised theme colour, font colour, background colour and other such visual elements.
    • Superior networking → Through global push notifications and chat/private messaging, seamless networking was presented to the attendees.
    • Event maps and venue information → The app, with built-in venue info and navigation maps, helped people to get to the event. There were interactive event floor maps included as well, to serve as handy guides.
    • Bar code scanning → In order to raise the convenience factor for visitors, the Nordic APIs 2017 app provided a QR code scanning feature. Quickly registering for the event became that much easier.
    • Social integrations → The event app came with strong social media integrations. Users could also access all the relevant, latest news related to the event, directly from the app.

    Built with Eventify, the Nordic APIs 2017 mobile app was a huge success. It did a lot to enhance the buzz and visibility of the event.

    Smart Cities Stockholm 2017

    Organised on the 24th and 25th of October 2017, Nordic Smart Cities rolled in with all that’s new in the world of internet of things (IoT) and smart city solutions. Several highly informative keynote sessions and demonstrations were hosted during the two-day meet. Teksmobile was among the official mobile app partners of the event.

    The Eventify event app building portal was used to create the mobile app of Nordic Smart Cities 2017. The app went a long way in bolstering the accessibility of the event to willing attendees. Business visitors could use the app to find out about the session schedules, activities, presentations, exhibitors, sponsors, venue details and a lot more – all in the matter of a few taps.

    Important Features Of The Nordic Smart Cities Stockholm 2017 App (Built With Eventify)

    • Information about event agenda → Updated event agenda, speaker sessions and roomwise schedules were made available to the attendees.
    • Detailed speaker info → From the names and designations of speakers, to brief bio-s and the details of the sessions they would be hosting at Nordic Smart Cities Stockholm 2017 – everything was updated on the app.
    • Venue information & maps → To ensure hassle-free access, the name and address of the event venue was provided in the app. There was a map view as well, for easy navigation. The app also had interactive event floor maps.
    • Sponsors & partners → Attendees could look up the official partners and sponsors of Nordic Smart Cities 2017 directly from the app.
    • Global push notifications → In order to keep attendees updated with all the latest news and notifications, a global push notification feature was implemented in the app. That, along with the private messaging feature, made networking easier.
    • Custom colours → Like the other apps showcased here, we built a fully white-labeled app for Nordic Smart Cities. The organiser could custom brand it, with theme and font colours of choice.

    Nordic Smart Cities 2017 was easily one of the premier IoT and smart technology-related events in the year. Creating the official mobile app of the event, with Eventify, was a valuable experience for us.

    Business Innovation 2018

    Business Innovation, by virtue of being one of the biggest B2B events in the calendar year, had already generated a lot of buzz worldwide. The official mobile app created for the event (with the Eventify tool) went that extra mile in pushing up event networking options further. It was the first time that Teksmobile had collaborated with BI.

    The rationale behind the use of the Eventify platform to build the Business Innovation app was simple enough: we had to create a platform for easier networking, ensure the effectiveness of the paperless promotions of the platform, and allow attendees to stay updated with all that there was to know about the event. The app that was built handled all these requirements with style, and then some!

    Important Features Of The Business Intelligence App (Built With Eventify)

    • Speakers and sessions → The app served as a seamless platform for familiarising attendees with the speakers, and the sessions each of them would be hosting, at Business Intelligence.
    • Venue details with maps → The process of traveling to the event venue was eased out with the help of the venue details and navigation maps in the official BI app. The interactive floor maps made things all the more easy for visitors.
    • Personalisation → The Business Innovation app offered powerful branding features to the organiser. With customisations, a unique identity of the event could be created.
    • Scanning QR code → Visitors had the option of directly scanning the QR codes through the BI app, to again access to the event.
    • Unlimited Networking → Private, one-to-one messaging took up the ease of event networking to the next level. Visitors could be sent global push notifications, to keep them updated about the latest developments/itinerary changes.
    • Analytics & Reporting → The app took guesswork out of the game, by delivering in-depth attendee insights, detailed event reports and event statistics.

    The opportunity to create the official mobile app of a high-profile event like Business Innovation was a huge one. The Eventify platform was instrumental in ensuring that the app was created in the best possible manner.