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AI drones are an important component of internet of things.

TOP 10 IoT Conferences To Watch Out For In 2019

The IoT ecosystem is changing rapidly. The world is running on the connected devices and they are taking us on the wheels. These connected devices are everywhere, from washing machines to toothbrushes and thermostats to trash cans. Most likely, the number of these connected devices will reach 28 billion by 2021. As these IoT conferences become more ubiquitous, here is a list of the 10 best IoT events to watch out for in 2019:


Internet of Things World

Date: 13th-16th May

Location: Santa Clara Convention center,USA

Anticipated as the world’s biggest IoT event with 12,500 leaders and innovators, over 450 speakers and 300+ exhibitors. It is altogether a different world once you enter through the doors. This year the conference’s agenda includes keynotes and 9x tracks, industrial and consumer verticals, IoT capabilities. It is a tempting opportunity for networking, building partnerships and witnessing the hottest products and services designed by the new age innovators and startups.


Bosch Connected World 2019

Date: 15th-16th May

Location: Berlin, Germany

One of the leading IoT and digital transformation conferences. It converges the best innovative minds to induce the creation of solutions and connected products for life. The diversified format of conferences, exhibitions and hackathons interest a good amount of population of decision makers, digital transformers, innovators, entrepreneurs, developers and IoT enthusiasts.The Bosch CEO Dr Volkmar Denner and some of the world’s best IoT leaders will be joined by more than 5000 attendees. It is a stimulating opportunity for networking and business partnerships.


IOT Solutions World Congress

Date: 29th-31st October

Location: Barcelona

It is a world consisting of more than 16000 people from over 120 countries. IoT Solutions World Congress exclusively focuses on joining the IoT providers with the industry to increase productivity. The three day long event is staged by 400 speakers who present case studies on key topics, illustrating the impact of solutions on industries. It is the destination to get inspired with new ideas, innovations, solutions and people.


Industrial IoT World

Date: 31st October – 1st November

Location: Sheraton, Atlanta, GA

Industrial IoT World is an intersection of more than 12,500 IoT professionals from every industry across the world. It presents business models, best practices and use cases which will help you to tackle challenges and get better ROI. The use cases from successful deployments will also help you to take steps to transform your business across manufacturing, supply chain, data and operations. This is a focused industrial market chance for intense learning, business partnerships and long lasting relationships.


IoT Tech Expo North America

Date: 13tht-14th November

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center,

              Silicon Valley

It is one of the world’s largest IoT event series, which brings together every industry across the globe. This two day event explores the latest innovations within the internet of things and analyses the impact of IoT on many industries like manufacturing, transport, supply chain, insurance, logistics, automotive and government. This year, the event gets more exciting with its agenda which includes smart building & facilities management, intelligent city and transport management, smart grid data management and analytics, asset monitoring and management and building the connected supply chain. This is the destination for all the IoT geeks.


Internet of Things Developers Conference

Date: 5th-6th June

Location: Santa Clara Convention center, CA

It is an event specifically focused on IoT, machine learning and AI product developer. A perfect destination for developers, engineers, directors and decision makers to get a hook on the insights and knowledge to understand and tackle the challenges of IoT in embedded systems starting from edge nodes to cloud. The two-day conference will feature many speakers discussing about the latest technologies affecting product development and business enlightening the opportunities created by IoT. There is a lot to explore in the event, ranging from ultra-low power microcontrollers to multi-core enabled aggregation hubs and software strategies to security solution. The event offers a plethora of things starting from updates on latest products to insights of IoT and networking to business relations. There is a lot on the plate to eat though!


IOT Exchange Smart Cities

Date: 8th-10th September

Location: Denver, Colorado

It is a peer to peer networking conference, bringing together leaders, technology, decision makers to explore, rebuild, learn and exchange ideas, technologies and solutions. The conference focuses on the role of IoT in building a smart city. The conference makes it very clear that it is business and a mandate for the municipal leaders to create smart cities as cities without technology are modern day ghost towns. This two and a half day conference will be a hard hitting and actionable, and an opportunity for networking and partnerships.


Internet of Manufacturing

Date: 4th-6th June

Location: Chicago

After two successful years, Internet of Manufacturing is back for the third year. A glittering opportunity to hear manufacturers’ stories about their perspective of building case, IT-OT convergence, Analytics & AI, Edge Computing and digital twin technologies. The conference will feature speakers discussing the initial business case for digital investment, monetization of data collected and IoT engineering. At the industry’s high-level education and networking event, you will find all the answers you need. A worthy chance to understand the insights of the today’s business needs.


Internet Of Insurance

Date: 17th-18th September

Location: Austin, TX

One of the market’s trusted IoT and AI in insurance is in its fourth year now. Internet of insurance is convergence of ideas – an annual gathering of leading insurers to discuss and exchange thoughts. The conference will be staged by experts presenting case studies on how advanced data analytics, IoT devices and technologies, AI and blockchain are bringing a change in the business. It is a go-to place to understand the insights of IoT, which are bringing change to your individual job function. It is an opportunity to  make sure your business is in the lead with emerging technologies and your investment on current tech is not a waste.


McRock IIoT Symposium

Date: 12th June 2019

Location: Canada

It is a huge platform discussing about the digital industrial revolution which is underway and the effects of the new competitive forces of the IoT on every industry and industrial company. You can join the discussion with savvy investors, pioneers and senior executives from the big industrial and technology companies. It is an opportunity for networking, exploring and exchanging. The conference also features some emerging innovative private companies and a thrilling jazz performance by the internationally acclaimed jazz musician, Allistair Elliot. An extraordinary potential conference to satisfy every tinch of your brain!

There is an abundance of these conferences to engage your brain and make you think. Some of the other conferences in this field which you might not like to miss are Builtworld Summit 2019, Smart Cities New York, Bluetooth Asia. These conferences host a number of CEOs, leaders, innovators and startups to experiment, explore and exchange ideas.

Perfect for the geeks!


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