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    Top 10 Event App Platforms In 2019

    Mobile event apps have certainly revolutionized event management options. They have seamlessly changed the perspective of companies towards event management. Event management is a tough job and having an event app is definitely of great help. 

    There are a lot of options when you set out to explore. Many companies offer quality apps with a wide range of features at great prices. Some of the best B2B event app builder platforms in 2019 are:


    Attendify is one of the old horses in the market. They offer standalone apps, all-inclusive apps and they even provide ticketing. If you are looking for an app just for registrations, check-ins or sponsor monetisation, you can explore attendify’s standalone apps. They have different options for lead scanning, attendee engagement, check-ins and check-outs, registration and more. 

    The pricing at Attendify is at the higher end. During your market research you might come across the fact that Attentify is expensive in comparison to many other event app platforms. Attendify has three different pricing – for ticketing, event app and a complete event management software. 


    Whova is an award winning event app. They are not at all choosy when it comes to events, they have worked with many corporate, academic, government events and conferences. Whova event app platform is also compatible for tradeshows, festivals and art shows. Along with event apps, they also offer software for event management and registrations. Whova has a good reputation for its logistics app, which saves a lot of time for the event managers. 

    The features of the event app are more or less similar to other event app platforms: easy networking, one-on-one appointments, event scheduling and more. Whova has no mentioned price as such, if you are interested in the app you can ask for a price quote. 


    Guidebook is one of the promising options on the market. They have worked with reputed companies like Google, Amazon and CocaCola. Guidebook focuses on event apps and its different variations. They offer the standard features: networking, maps, live social feed and more. One of the interesting things about Guidebook is you can easily integrate your CRMs (Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Salesforce etc.) to your event app. 

    The pricing is not very competitive though. Guidebook sets its pricing in two ways, one is a standard price for a ‘full service’ plan, which includes everything they offer. The second is a customised price based on the number of attendees you will be having. 


    Eventbrite is well known for its event listing website – where anyone can list an event without purchasing an event app. Besides event listing, eventbrite does offer an event app building option as well.

    The app again is integrated with the event list, you can easily search for any event, look where your connections are going, and buy tickets. Also, you can host your tickets and do on-site check-in on Eventbrite. When it comes to pricing, there is no standard price as such. Eventbrite has three plans: Essentials, Premium and Professional. They have different price slabs for respective plans. 


    Aventri is a competitor of Attendify. It has a huge range of solutions, starting from event management software, attendee registrations to email marketing and venue sourcing. They have segregated the features into platforms according to the needs of the event planners. You can particularly choose one platform for a particular section of your event instead of taking the whole event management software or event app. 

    Aventri too has the standard features of networking, private messaging etc. You can also checkout their on-site options. Also, Aventri is quite versatile in terms of organising events for different industries. They have worked with events in education, automotive, financial services and technology. The pricing differs with the size of the event. You can get a price quote following a demo. 


    Eventify is one of the easy options you can have. It is very user friendly as it does not need any coding, you can make your own event app with simple drag and drop feature. They offer some interesting features like one-on-one appointments, push notifications, private messaging and more. Moreover, you can make your event website and host your tickets on this event management platform. 

    The pricing is very transparent. They don’t have multiple pricing, there are two plans one is Business Pro and another is Enterprise Pro Plan. When it comes to ticketing, generally platforms take percentages over the Stripe payment gateway fee but this particular platform has flat rate ticketing. That’s something you might want to check out. 


    Cvent is an event management platform, which covers almost everything in the industry. If you just don’t want to hassle and deal with different dealers for venue, registrations, website etc., this can be your go to option. They are one of the oldest in the industry and have been handling enterprise and mid-sized events. 

    The best part is you wouldn’t need to go to ten different companies for venues and other arrangements. They handle the event tech as well as the onsite solutions. The app is fully customisable and have similar features to other mobile apps in the industry. You can start building your website and event app for free – get a quote on request. 


    Bizzabo is similar to Cvent and some of the other platforms mentioned here. They are very significantly known for their event management software. And they won many awards for the same. Bizzabo is well equipped to take care of the backend of an event with event website builder, agenda management, registrations and ticketing and more. Moreover, they also have marketing tools which is something not every event management platform offers. 

    Bizzabo has created a brand name over these years and have worked with multiple events. Also, they provide sponsorship opportunities which is not common in the market of digital event apps. Coming to the pricing they offer three plans: Planner, Pro and Elite. You can choose any of the plans based on the size of your event and get a quote upon contacting. 


    It is a very interesting event app management platform. Eventmobi serves a huge platter of options for you which includes event apps, attendee engagement tools, event management software, event marketing tools and onsite tech. They also have a wide variety of features like live polls, live appointments, gamification and analytics & reporting. Also, they can handle all of your registrations and they too have an option of badge printing. 

    They have no standard pricing as such which might prove to be beneficial for many events. Because many times you might not need everything in a package but you will need to pay for it. On Eventmobi they have plans along with an a al carte pricing. You can choose your own features, make your own personalised plan and proceed. 


    If you are looking for an event app and nothing more then Eventee it is for you. They focus on event app with some very standard features which is designed to fit into any event. With Eventee you get some useful features like sessions, live polling, live feedback and more. One of the good things is if you have already hosted you event tickets with some other platform or you are hosting it in house, you can integrate it with the Eventee mobile event app. 

    Pricing is very straightforward and transparent. They offer three plans Basic, Premium and Enterprise. The basic plan is for free, which doesn’t include a lot of features but can be of great benefit. You can use it to know the crux of the app. 

    That mobile event apps are a matter of huge expense is definitely a myth. There are platforms who offer good all in one packages for a decent price or for free. Moreover, you will always earn more than what you have invested. Event apps are a smart invest, which helps you build a reputation and relationship with you attendees.