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How can you be successful as an event exhibitor?

The Secrets Of Being A Top Exhibitor At A B2B Event


How can you be successful as an event exhibitor?


Trade shows and business exhibitions are a great opportunity for marketing, sales, lead generation and business relationships. But they also ask for a great deal of your time and money. So here is a list of things which will surely help you to make your campaign successful.

Research the event

When you are exhibiting, do a thorough research about the event. Go through their sponsors and partners list, learn about the type of audience who will be attending the event. Also, talk to the attendees and exhibitors from previous years to get an insight of the event.

Have specific targets

While you are exhibiting, make a clear set of targets for your exhibiting campaign. Be very clear about your objective – irrespective of whether it is marketing & sales or company awareness. And specifically have a number for sales and leads you want to achieve.

Spread the message

When you are exhibiting, you want to make the most out of it. You should put a page about your campaign on your company’s official website and social media platforms to maximize the footfall of your stand.

Design your stand

When exhibiting, it’s very important to stand out in the crowd. Design your stand in a way which will make people curious to know about your company. Always keep a theme keeping your product in mind.

Train you staff

One of the most important aspects of your stand is your staff. They should know your company and product in and out. They should be your best men who can explain, judge, convince and generate leads for you.

Know your competition

You should know about your competitions so that you can plan and strategize to tackle them. And you can make sure your product does not have anything in common with the other products.

Plan your follow ups

After the event, keep a track of all the leads you have generated. And make sure you do a strong followup without missing out on anybody.

These are a few things you need to keep a check on. Apart from this make sure your staff look presentable and welcoming. Do not persuade, it does not work. And always keep in mind “leave a huge impact with few words”.   

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