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    Reasons Why You Should Promote And Market Your Online Event Using Videos

    If asked a question on what you prefer more among audio and video, it goes without saying what your obvious preference will be. Of Course Videos! Do you know the reason behind it? Videos have a reliable resource that can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.


    Videos can be viewed on a variety of computers, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows students to access their work whenever and wherever they choose. There is a reason why young children are glued to YouTube so much. And not just young kids, from the earliest to the latest generation loves YouTube.

    Digital videos have an undeniable impact on our everyday culture. Now with the whole virtual mode, digital videos have gained more popularity. People are using videos as part of their marketing strategies. Today’s media platforms are dominated by video content, which is used by both individuals and companies to attract, engage, and enchant their audiences.


    When it comes to promoting your online event, using videos can be the best and the most effective way to reach out to your audience. Here are some of the reasons to prove so.


    • Excellent Grasping Power – The human brain processes visuals faster than text. Videos can have a lasting impact on your mind and heart. You can capture your audience’s attention almost instantly with video and convey details in a succinct and snappy manner. It allows the audience to participate in the action. Remember to make your videos short and crisp. Nobody enjoys watching a mundane and slow video.
    • Time Effective – Videos don’t really eat up your time. Making shorter clips can not take more than 30 minutes. You can split the video into parts.
    • Before event
    • During event
    • After event

    This can really help you gain the attention of your audience throughout. Stick  to your time otherwise the audience would have difficulty concentrating on a single message.

    • Quality over Quantity – In this digitalised world, you have all the possible video editing apps to create high quality videos. Embrace technology and attract your audience with something valuable and attractive. The importance of focusing on audience interaction and authenticity cannot be overstated. If your video is of exceptional quality but lacks spirit, it can be missed or, worse still, forgotten.
    • Greater Optimization Possibilities – It can be difficult to manage engagement with text base content. You don’t really know what’s happening. In this regard videos have an upper hand as a feedback loop is built into the video, allowing you to track items like click through rate, drop off, and how many times it was completely watched. On Eventify you can even track real time analytics for getting more details.
    • Enhances Emotional Connections – Video is without a doubt the most effective medium for evoking people’s emotions. Well, you can just say that it is a tried and tested tool. If your video is able to evoke a sense of connection and emotion with your audience then pat yourself because you are doing a good job!

    I guess by now you should be ready to switch to videos for promoting your online event. Don’t let a limited budget or a lack of “technical” production expertise prevent your company from experimenting with this tried-and-true form of online marketing.