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B2B event planning

Planning A B2B Event? You’ll Find These Digital Tools Useful!

When you are organizing an event, there is a lot to be taken care of. You need to be highly productive and efficient with your methods of managing all the things at a time. This can, understandably, be a lot of hassle when done manually. Here are the best digital tools in the market which will double your productivity and make it hassle free for you.


Zapier is the perfect platform for integrating all your web apps. It allows you to integrate, innovate and automate like never before. You will just need to link all your web apps together, after which a workflow will be built. This workflow will automatically copy and save all the attachments received from any webpage. Zapier connects over 1000 different apps so that automation can be made to make your activities more productive.


It is an extremely versatile and flexible app. Airtable is one part spreadsheet, one part database and 100% capable of organizing your work. You can organize anything you wish to – whether it’s a project, your customer base or a set of ideas. You can add all the information, priority levels, due dates, notes and links. The best part is you can share your ideas with people to view and edit by giving them special permissions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a choice of many big businesses. Once you have pasted the tracking code on the web pages and apps you will be able to track them. You will be able to see the number of visitors coming to the page, where are they coming from, the average amount of time they are spending on the web page, what percentage of them are buying your event tickets and much more.

Adobe Campaign

It is a perfect marketing automation and resource management tool with powerful analytics. It integrates well with Analytics, Target and other Adobe systems to provide a detailed analytics report. Adobe campaign can swiftly handle detailed work and with its mailing feature it can track the recipients’ previous behaviour. You can also personalize the emails according to your needs.  


Canva is an online tool for designing. You can design and create anything online and post it anywhere. Once you have signed up, you can access a huge range of templates for every kind of social media posts, website banners, infographics to work from. You also get a variety of images, texts and graphs to add to your work. If you want to create something customized, you can create with Canva.


It is a platform where you can build your own customized mobile event app and the best part is you don’t need coding for this. Eventify provides a lot of features for your event app. You can add your event schedule, speakers info, event floor plan and navigational maps. Your attendees can also chat with their peers and you will also be able to send global push notifications. Perfect for event organization and attendee engagement.

These tools will definitely help you out at many levels and will increase your productivity. You can also consider using Slack to communicate with your team and Hootsuite to manage all your social media profiles with ease.

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