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12 Must-Attend Tech Conferences In 2019

Technology, internet, AI, cybersecurity – all play major roles in business management as well as contribute to make this world a smarter place. Connectivity through internet has brought companies a tremendous range of opportunities for productivity and profitability. AI is on the verge to revolutionize business, and many companies are adopting this new sphere of technology. Now in this tech savvy world, the tech conferences are worth paying attention to – as most of the innovations are recognized and appreciated in these conferences, people come up with new ideas and concepts, it is altogether a brainstorming session for all the geeks. Following are some worth attending tech conferences in the year 2019:


  • Collision


Date: 20th-23rd May

Location: Toronto, Canada

Collision is regarded as the fastest growing conference in North America. Currently in its fifth year, Collision has become a bridge for the world’s largest sellers and buyers of technology with over 25,000 attendees. The four day conference will focus on autotech, environmental sustainability, data science and content. This a platform which is greeted by the founders and CEOs of  world’s biggest companies, promising startups, influential investors and leading journalists. You will also have the opportunity to hear from speakers like Al Gore, Chairman of Generation Investment Management, Brad Smit, President of Microsoft and Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo. This is something not worth missing!

  • The Next Web Conference

Date: 9th-10th May

Location: Amsterdam

It is Europe’s leading tech festival, celebrating innovations. This two days festival includes workshops and panel discussions on technology in the next ten years and the included topics will range from artificial intelligence to blockchain, and everything in between. You will get a chance to get inspired and learn from the experiences of speakers like Jonathon Morgan (CEO, New Knowledge), Robert Vis (Founder and CEO, MessageBird), Bracken Darell (CEO, Logitech). For all the tech lovers this summer, this is the place to be!


  • Web Summit


Date: 4th-7th November

Location: Lisbonne

Web Summit is the largest tech conference. It is regarded as “the best tech conference on planet”-by Forbes. The footfall in Lisbonne’s Web Summit is around 70,000. This three day conference has a variety of activities on offer – starting from panel discussions to workshops. And the exhibitors list includes companies like BMW, Google, Accenture, Airbus and many more. Web Summit invites founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast growing startups and heads of state to discuss and focus on the future with the increasing uncertainties in the industry.


  • Google Cloud Next


Date: 9th-11th April

Location: San Francisco

It is a conference organized by Google where the developers, customers, partners, influencers and the cloud community come together to learn, explore and experience the Google cloud platform, G Suites, Maps and many more technologies from and across Google. This year, the conference will be offering more than 500 breakout sessions, led by more than 1000 Google customers and partner speakers. It’s a conference having more than 23000 footfall, where you can unlock business opportunities by interacting with Google Cloud team. And if you are a Google fan you can enjoy watching their new set of products launching this year!


  • Microsoft Ignite


Date: 4th-8th November

Location: Orlando

A conference created by the giants of the tech industry, Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) joined by McDermott (CEO, SAP), Shantanu Narayen (CEO, Adobe Systems) where a powerful keynote is delivered to a roomful of crowd. This a conference with 700+ deep-dive sessions and 100+ expert-led and self-paced workshops. This is a paradise for the tech lovers where you get latest updates on technologies created by Microsoft, you can learn from the experts who have created the products and services you use everyday and you get an opportunity to connect and interact with the people out there.

Don’t leave the chance to explore everything!


  • THAT Conference


Date: 5th-8th August

Location: Wisconsin Dells

This is one of the fun and interesting tech conferences. In the summers, this conference is conducted in an indoor water park for the geeks and their families, quite different from other conferences. Three long days, you can spend with your fellow geeks and their families, brainstorming and geeking out on everything – from making some amazing code to diving in the pool. THAT Conference, unique in its own way!

  • Big Data & Al Leaders Summit Jakarta 2019

Date: 5th-6th March

Location: Jakarta

It is Indonesia’s most exclusive Big Data and AI conference, greeted by more than 100 data scientists, information technology leaders, AI and Machine learning innovators, who are revolutionising the world of technology. In these two days, conference speakers are hand-picked according to their expertise. This year you can have an opportunity to learn from the speakers of companies like tokopedia, wework, ekrut with a presentation topic like data literacy in business intelligence, advanced analytics for customer value management, data driven decisions across business for commercial success and more.



  • The Rising (Women in Analytics and AI Conference)


Date: 8th March

Location: Bengaluru, India

It is an women empowering conference which focuses on the opportunities and achievements of women in data science. It gives a platform to the leading women visionaries and an opportunity to the attendees to get a brief idea about how to build a career in this buzzing field. This one-day conference includes a series of formal and informal sessions which will help you to develop leadership skills within yourself.

A perfect place to get inspired from a rising women.


  • Tech Cruise


Date: 7th-14th July

Location: Florida

This is a holiday conference which will focus on digital marketing. Ideal for all those who wants to reinforce customer loyalty, improve lead generations, increase sales or want a stronger consumer engagement. Tech cruise helps attendees to enhance and improve their marketing efforts with sessions focusing on brand awareness, traffic building and improving customer service. In these 7 days on a cruise ship you can get to learn a lot from the experiences players of digital marketing. It’s one digital marketing event you would regret missing!


  • Technology, Knowledge & Society


Date: 11th-12th March

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Tech, Knowledge & Society have been organising these conferences since more than a decade now. It is their 15th year, and this year they will be  featuring research addressing topics like designing technologies for human usbalility, enabling technologies in knowledge sharing, learning technologies in education, thinking technologies for society. And this year, the conference will feature some of the world’s best thinkers and innovators in the field, including Ronda Zelezny-Green and Anna Meroni.


  • Gaming Analytics Summit


Date: 14th-15th May

Location: San Francisco

It is the world’s no.1 conference focusing on gaming analytics, with a footfall of more than 7000 people. It features experienced players from the world’s most successful AAA and indie organisations. You can join 100+ top industry minds at the conference, where you can learn from the case studies by innovative publishers in gaming and you can get a technical insight of data science on players acquisition, retention & customer insight. You will get to connect and interact with people from Apple, Netflix, NASA, facebook, Google and many more.


  • RSA Conference 2019


Date: 4th-8th March

Location: San Francisco

This conference exclusively focuses on information security. Every year since 1995, a theme has been chosen on which a story and design are developed and it is carried all throughout the 4 days of the event. This year’s theme is very interesting – “to put it simply better” – meaning working hard and finding better solutions, making better connections with peers and making the world a better and safer place. This year’s agenda will include topics like code produced by robots, humans being awesome at risk management and measuring the impact of data breach. And this year’s speaker list features the following people Galina Antova (Co-Founder, Claroty), Deidre Diamonds (Founder and CEO, CyberSN and Brainbabe) and many more.

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