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Make your Events exuberant with live polls and Q&A sessions

You always thrive to be the best, to shine out and make a mark in whatever you do. It can be as simple as from doing your homework to as big as hosting an event. Imagine hosting a lively event and turning someone’s mundane day into an exciting one. You look forward to that right? It can be manageable. Just follow the right path, choose the best virtual event platform and you’re good to go.


Often this question pops in every event manager’s mind – “ How can I make my event stand out”? Well you might be wondering it requires blood and sweat but guess what? No it doesn’t. Let your audience enjoy your event. Do not organize just another stereotypical business event. Understand your attendees and bolster user engagement.

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Make your events come alive with live polls and Q&A sessions. Live polling lets you know what’s working and what isn’t, so you can schedule the next event with as much detail as possible. Q&A sessions can help increase user engagement and make your audience more involved with the event.


Live polls can also benefit in the following way –

  • In-moment feedback
  • Maximises ROI
  • Push up attendee engagement
  • Enhances learning
  • Adds a little bit of fun!

It is all about giving your audience what they want and what they deserve. Connecting virtually can really help your event shine and your business grow. In this upsurge Covid situation, it seems like the virtual events are here to stay. So why not make the most of technology and of course your hidden talents! Put in everything you’ve got!


The best part about a Q&A session is that it helps your audience to open up and clear their doubts. They should go back with a clear mind and a positive response. A lot of questions thrown at you together might feel a little intimidating but if you handle it one by one calmly, I’m sure you can tackle it.


Person With Difficulty And Questions In Studies


Opening yourself up to questions from the audience is a great way to show off your knowledge and gain credibility on the subjects at hand, as well as establish familiarity with your audience. Furthermore, Q&As will help you plan potential content while also demonstrating to your audience that you listen to and value their input.


After the polls and Q&A look into the feedback you’ve received and start working on it. You want to sail on the right boat and to continue to sail safely you need to keep in mind that overcoming the obstacles will help you sail through. Even a loud storm can’t tamper the ship if you have the steering in your hand. Be all hands for constructive criticism. If there are certain negative comments, be motivated rather than depressed. Work on it and you’ll be all fine.


You can check up free online course platforms available to ease out your worries. If you’ve planted the right seed, it’ll surely bear the fruits you’ve always wanted. Give it time, let it grow and enjoy the process!


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