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Hosting a virtual event more successfully than before

January 14, 2022
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What is a virtual event?A virtual event is one in which a person attends a session via the internet rather than in person. Online conferences, webinars, fitness classes, and cooking lessons are all examples of virtual activities that can be held using one of the many conferencing tools or social media channels available.

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Virtual mode is the new go-to-mode. Everything is taking place online. We need to be at the forefront of virtual events in times like #Covid19, when thousands of events are being cancelled, to ensure that our long-term work can continue. It is important to choose a virtual event platform that can help you conduct your events hassle free and glitch free. It is important to note that a virtual event takes the same amount of blood and sweat as an in-person event. Not only that, it can be equally effective. It can be a little taxing to manage the technicalities of a virtual event. But a clear and focussed mind will surely help you get through.You can follow these tips and ideas to successfully host your virtual event.

  • Choose the correct online platform. When selecting a platform, always choose one that fits well for you and provides all of the features you need. Messaging, Q&A, live polls, the ability to upload slides or additional material are just a few of the features that can completely turn your case.
  • Choose the right time. Choose a time according to the time you think will be convenient for your target audience. Do a little research and check if there are no competing events or holidays lined up.
  • Create engaging content. This is the most important. You need to attract your audience. Make sure your event is valuable and consumable. Select areas that’ll interest them. Register participants, use the event website to collect attendee data to plan a great event. Remember , A happy customer is a repeat customer.
  • Advertise your event. Use marketing channels and online tools to reach out to more people. You can also display interactive guides such as video tutorials on how to register for the case, make purchases, and link to the app. Keep in mind that there may be multiple virtual events running at the same time, so make sure to emphasize why yours is important.
  • Keep your attendees engaged. If you're holding an in-person event and someone is using his cellphone in the middle of the event. Will you like it? Of Course not. Similarly there are many distractions in a virtual event as well.  Hold Q&A sessions, interact, do live polling, encourage debates  and push up attendee interaction. Collect feedback and know what your audience likes and dislikes. Always go for constructive criticism.
  • Stick to a time limit. Nobody likes a too long event. Keep it crisp and exciting. Leave your audience in a “wanting more” situation. That's how they'll come back. Don't stretch it for long. If you want to ace it then pace it well.

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