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mistakes made by event organisers

7 Common Mistakes Made By Event Managers

Events are no cakewalk. It is a huge responsibility on the event planner and it takes months and days of planning to curate an event. Everything has to be on point, from the promotions to registration and communication to event schedule. But, there is always a ‘but’. After all the hard work, it is very likely that things can go wrong – not because of the things you are doing but because of the things you are not doing. Following are some common pitfalls you can avoid for not having your “oops” moment.


Not having a detailed and clearly laid out schedule can lead to a big mess. And even if you are ready with your final schedule, the scope for changes is always there. The attendees or the speakers might have to change their flight schedule, there might be a need of seating arrangement for more people than expected, the speaker might cross the time limit (people would never lose a chance to speak when they get it once in a year).

To avoid such tripsy situations, you can use technology to keep a track of all the major and minor changes. One of the options you might go for is Eventify as it has all the required features for scheduling and keeping a live track of the changes. Definitely a way to avoid messy situations.


Managing an event is never a one-man show, it’s all about teamwork and team spirit. There are many events which don’t attain the success they deserve because of miscommunication of event managers. Your event can take a turn to the wrong side with little miscommunication.

Every detail has to be well communicated with the team and your visitors, they should know all about the major and the minor changes of the events. Proper communication makes things easier for yourself and the visitors.


Poorly planned events are basically disasters waiting to happen. It’s very likely for things to go wrong. Your AV might break down, you might run out of food and beverages, a speaker might drop out without any prior notice and cherry on the cake is you don’t have a plan B to fix this all up. All these things are the very reasons for an event blooping up. Not having a contingency plan is a disaster in itself. You should always be ready with contingency plan to face the worse.


An ineffective tracking system can lead to a lot of confusion. With paper and pen it’s a herculean (if at all possible!) task to keep a track of all the attendees, plus ones and no shows. And the papers also can get easily mislaid. Therefore, it is best to make use of a technologically effective event registration tracker.


Promotions are very important for an event. Absence of proper promotional strategies can cost a price too high for the event. Gone are the days of promotions with brochures, leaflets and banners. Nobody actually reads them and at the end you will find them in the dustbins and in the hands of children making paper planes with them.

Social media is the new trend but event managers don’t make the most out of it. Inefficient promotion plans makes an event flop. You should make most of every opportunity coming your way for the promotion of your event.


Event managers generally leave this opportunity of live stream. With no live streaming of their event, they miss a huge opportunity of business. Live streaming is future business and a great opportunity to show your creation to more people. It can also help you to get more attendees in the next year for your event.


Once the event is over and it was successful, event managers just get relaxed and they vanish. Nobody hears a word from them. This is a big mistake which does not leave a good impression on the attendees. You must reach out to your attendees after the event to take their feedback and to let them know about your upcoming events.

The events organized by the event managers involve a lot of hard work, and of course, significant financial investments. Sadly, they can get hampered by some common mistakes. The key lies in being a smart event manager, and keeping all of the follies mentioned here at an arm’s length!


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