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Eventify vs Whova

Eventify vs Whova (Eventify Vs The Others #3)

Disclaimer: All the facts, figures and other information mentioned in this post have been taken from publicly available, unverified sources. For more accurate information, please contact the website owners directly.

Eventify is the most transparent, most user-friendly event app platform – fully customised for building powerful apps for all types of B2B events.


PRICING – Eventify is Competitive. Whova is ????

Eventify lets you know rightaway how much you need to pay to build an event app on the platform. The Enterprise Pro package – in which you can build fully custom branded event apps – is available for $599. The Business Pro plan, on the other hand, costs only $249. And here is the most interesting bit: this $249-worth package is available for the rest of this year for FREE. No hidden costs, no unforeseen expenses, no guesswork.

On Whova, things are not quite as transparent or straightforward. To get an estimate, you have to actually submit a ‘Price Quote Request’* – wherein you need to provide information such as phone number and the expected number of attendees at your event. Understandably, the prices will vary on the basis of the type of events. That is not the case in Eventify, which has a flat pricing structure.

*The source is here.


BRANDING – White-labeled Event App Vs Common Event App Platform

On the Eventify event app builder tool, you have the final call on everything. If you feel that having your event listed in the Eventify app (customisations can be done at all stages), go for the $249 Business Pro plan (now FREE). Alternatively, if you want a fully white-labeled app, get the $599 Enterprise Pro plan. We offer you both options, and we do not “recommend” or impose any one of them on you.

Whova, for all its nice features, actively recommends event planners to use the common event app platform (i.e., the Whova app). While customisations can be done, the branding simply cannot be as well-rounded as in a white-labeled event app. The latter is, of course, more expensive – but at least you should have the option, right?



Based out of Sydney (Australia), Eventify covers 18+ time zones. To get a LIVE DEMO from one of our executives, all you need to do is drop us a mail, or send us a chat directly from the website. A Skype call will be set up immediately, at the date and time of your convenience. Oh, and did we tell you that the LIVE DEMO of Eventify – all features explained – takes only around 8 minutes?

Getting a LIVE DEMO of the Whova platform/app is not as quick and unconditional. On the website, you need to fill up a short form – name, email, phone number, event duration, expected attendees, and more – to request  the demo. Eventify does not ask for any information prior to the demo.



LEGAL AGREEMENT – Would You Like Getting In One?

Breach the terms of use of Whova, and they will terminate their ‘legal agreement’ with you**. While Eventify also has the right to remove an app if a client violates our terms and conditions – we do not have a ‘legal agreement’ to terminate. Eventify has a clear-cut ‘like-it-or leave-it’ policy – provided that your activities do not conflict with our terms of use, you can start building your event app anytime…and leave the platform anytime too.

Eventify also offers 100% security assurance for all the content and event-related data that you provide on the platform. All the data are securely encrypted with HTTPS communication. You have the option of building event apps without providing any personal information as well (although that might hamper networking).

**Whova Terms of Use

Note: Right from requesting a quote, to requesting a live demo – you need to fill up a form (with the info stated above). On Eventify, you can check out everything first, and then start building your app immediately. We don’t ask for information that you might not like sharing straightaway.


Eventify – The Best Event App Platform For You

  • No Contracts – You do not need to get into any binding contracts with the Eventify platform. Select the plan that suits you the best, start building your app, and finish up within 30 minutes (or less).
  • Full Customisation – From colour themes for your event app, to the app’s feature sections, sponsors & exhibitors and user lists – you can personalise everything in a few clicks. Use Eventify to build event apps for all types of B2B events.
  • Paperless Event Promotions – Eventify brings you the latest in event tech, to optimise your event promotional campaigns. With our app builder, you reduce paper usage (and wastage) by up to 83%.
  • PREMIUM Services For FREE – In the Business Pro Package, you get full access to all the features and elements of the Eventify dashboard, for free. In case you want a white-labeled event app, you can easily choose the Enterprise Pro plan. There are exciting discounts on bulk events.
  • 24×7 Support – Our team guides you, and resolves your queries before you start making the app, while you are at it, and even after your event app is live at stores. Support, whenever you need it.
  • User-friendly – Building an event app on Eventify is a simple and straightforward process. The dashboard is uniformly user-friendly, and you can check out instant previews of the app (based on the content you add).
  • Tag-based networking – On the event app you create, your attendees will be able to find each other on the basis of common interests, and interact. You can also send private messages and global push notifications.



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