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Eventify vs Cvent

Eventify vs Cvent (EVENTIFY Vs THE OTHERS #2)

Disclaimer: All the facts, figures and other information mentioned in this post have been taken from publicly available, unverified sources. For more accurate information, please contact the website owners directly.

Eventify offers GREATER COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES than other event app builder platforms.

PRICING (ep.1) – Avoid The Uncertainty Factor

On Eventify, there is complete pricing transparency. The Business Pro package – your event displayed in the Eventify app – is priced at $249, while the Enterprise Pro plan costs $599. Everything is mentioned upfront, and there are no hidden costs. For a limited period of time, the Business Pro package (worth $249) is available for FREE. You do not need to request for a quote and/or attend a demo, or, for that matter, do anything, to get access to Eventify’s pricing.

Cvent works on an altogether different principle. You need to request a quote to get pricing estimates. What’s more – the pricing structure is not flat, and can vary with the nature of the event you are going to organise. Think about it – do you want this uncertainty, and whether getting the pricing info right at the start isn’t the more attractive option?


PRICING (ep.2) – Cvent Is More Expensive

Comfortably so. The difference comes from the fact that, while Eventify has a flat pricing structure ($249 for Business Pro (at present FREE) and $599 for Enterprise Pro), Cvent goes for a per-attendee pricing. This per-attendee price can range from $3 to $10 and maybe more, depending on the precise nature of the event (according to a price quote received in 2018 Q1). Cvent has 2 packages – the basic Cvent Express, which costs $3/attendee, and the advanced Cvent Professional, which costs anything between $8 to $12 per attendee.*

In essence, this means that the larger your event is (in terms of visitor count), the more will be the total amount charged by Cvent, for its mobile app solutions. The 3.99% credit card processing fee is also on the higher side. Eventify charges $2.9+30c – which comes out to be significantly lesser. As a result, your ROI figures remain higher.

*as per an unverified report published by Regfox here as on 20 May 2019.


CONTRACTS & LICENSE FEES – Want Another Obligation In Your Life?

Eventify allows users to get onboard anytime and start building their event apps for free. There are no complicated registration procedures, no credit card details required – and you do not even have to share your email before filling up all the content sections in the admin panel (to be shared on the app). If you, for some reason, do not feel like continuing, you can simply leave the platform, again without any monetary concerns. There are no contracts and/or registration fees to be paid beforehand. Nothing BINDS you to Eventify.

Getting ‘locked in’ can definitely be an issue on Cvent, however. You will have to agree to a contract of minimum two years, and there is a pre-pay registration fee as well. In addition, there are annual license fees to be paid. You might not want to continue with Cvent, but you might not be able to get out immediately.


FEATURES – Eventify Business Pro Vs Cvent Express

The only difference between the basic Business Pro plan and the advanced Enterprise Pro plan of Eventify is the option of creating fully custom-branded event apps in the latter. Apart from that, all the other features are present in the Business Pro package – worth $249, now available for FREE.

On the other hand, we have the basic package from Cvent – Cvent Express. In terms of features, it seems rather limited – as compared to Eventify’s Business Pro. For starters, Instagram feed is not displayed on page.** On Eventify, you can add Instagram feed directly from the admin panel. On Eventify, discounts are available on multiple event apps. Cvent Express does not, at least explicitly, mention any such discount offers.

**as per an unverified comparison published by Regfox here as on 20 May 2019.



  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) – Our pricing figures are clearly specified. You do not have to attend a demo, or send us an email, or call us, to get a price quote. Click here to know our prices.
  • The Latest Event Technology – With Eventify, you can reduce the use of paper for event planning by up to 90%. Make your B2B events more successful and rewarding, by building highly engaging event apps.
  • Full Security. No Hidden Costs – All the data you share on the Eventify platform are encrypted with HTTPS communication. There are no hidden costs either, over and above the package prices clearly mentioned.
  • What You Want Is What We Add – Your suggestions and feedback form the basis of the updates and new features we add in Eventify. Over the next couple of months, we will release a series of interesting, high-utility web-based features (social community, event website, and more).
  • Contact Us Anytime – Email us, ask for a live demo on Skype, send us your queries directly through the website – and an executive will be with you immediately, whatever the time might be. We are available across 18+ time zones – and you can ALWAYS connect with us.
  • Free Support – Having a problem uploading an image or a map? Not sure how to subscribe to a plan? Need some info before making payments? Want some additional customised branding on your event app? We provide all types of support for our clients…absolutely FREE!
  • Mobile-first designs – Build an app on your mobile, register and sign up on your mobile, and make payments with your mobile. The year is 2019, mobile usage comfortably trumps desktop usage – and the Eventify platform has been set up and designed accordingly.

The Eventify platform is fully scalable – making it easy for event planners/organisers to build fully functional apps for all types of B2B events, right from private meetings and workshops, to large-scale conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. The seamless flow of the Eventify admin panel will let you finish making an event app in 30 minutes, or less. Features can be added/removed by simple clicks, and the apps will give your overall event networking a big boost.




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