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Eventify to receive funding from Google

Eventify Receives $100,000 On Google Cloud for Startups Program


Teksmobile’s brand new app, Eventify, is looking forward to exponential growth in the coming times. The app, available on Android and iOS platforms, earned a spot in Google Cloud for Startups and has received committed funding of $100,000 across two years. This program has been initiated by Google to support app developing startups and Eventify is set to gain largely from the various benefits it offers.

Eventify is a platform that helps build customized mobile apps for events. The best part is that its users need not know about coding to build their apps. Therefore, it is safe to say event managers and hosts who want to amplify the reach of their events would find Eventify quite helpful. It was already generating a buzz in its niche with the features and ease of management it offers. Now that it also has the backing from Google, the only way to go is up.

The chief features that Eventify brings to its audience include Global Push Notifications, Customisation, Reporting & Analytics, Private Messaging, and Maps & Social Media Integration. Event hosts want to engage with the attendees and keep them notified about everything related to the event. How do these features help?

  • Global Push Notifications:

    Arguably the most important feature in a digital platform of this calibre, it enables users, i.e. event hosts/managers, to send push notifications to attendees directly on their smartphones.

  • Customisation:

    The event apps users build on Eventify will never look boring, thanks to this feature. There are plenty of information sections available for customisation and users can add or remove them according to their needs.

  • Reporting & Analytics:

    It would be an understatement to say that users can just keep track of the attendees they expect at their event with their app. Eventify has made this task more detailed with in-depth analytics so that hosts can tailor their events even further to suit their audience.

  • Private Messaging:

    Another important feature, and also one that many apps seem to be missing. But not Eventify, as it lets users send direct messages to attendees. It helps solve many problems and keeps the participants at ease.

  • Maps & Social Media:

    To wrap it up, Eventify also provides access to maps so that users can provide detailed floor plannings and directions to the venue in a trouble-free manner. There is also the option to integrate social media activity streams onto the event app and achieve better connections.

No wonder these features have turned a lot of heads. Eventify’s developer, Teksmobile, is confident of taking this app to a whole new level with Google’s backing. Google Cloud for Startups offers app developers access to its development and testing platforms, AI services, maps, recruitment platform, and even technical training at events and workshops. With these resources, there is no doubt that Eventify will throttle ahead at a much faster pace.

For further details about Eventify’s selection in the Google Cloud For Startups Program, click here.

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