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    Event networking with apps

    Event Networking 101: Use Event Apps For Better Networking

    Every small and big event thrives on networking. Conferences and events provide the best platforms to network and build communities with relevant people. This is the very reason business events see thousands of attendees every year. 

    Networking is one of the top three reasons why people opt for events and conferences. Every individual attending these events and conferences in the industry gets a chance to build strong connections, network with like-minded peers and establish strong business relations. 

    One might feel a little hesitant walking into a room full of strangers. Especially, it is very difficult for the introverts to strike up a conversation. Moreover, one only gets a few minutes to notice the tag on attendees, the company they belong to and within a couple of minutes, they need to analyse the other person to strike up a conversation and start a discussion. Which is no less than a task. 

    Event apps make networking very easy for the attendees. No hustle, no hesitation and no awkward starts. Here are ways in which event apps make networking a cakewalk for the attendees. 

    Know Who Is Attending Prior To The Event 

    One of the best things an event app does is, it brings all the attendees on a single platform. This gives an opportunity for every attendee to connect, network and build strong relations. Moreover, the attendees can look for the people who will be attending the event prior to the event. They will be getting ample time to scan through the hundreds and thousands of faces – to decide with whom they would like to connect and who can help them grow professionally.  

    Chat With Peers 

    Going forward and starting a conversation with a person whom your attendees barely know, who is a stranger to them, can be really tricky. But things become a lot easier when they don’t have to do it face to face. Event app makes sure attendees have a good start. Attendees can start a conversation with their peers over a chat. All they need to do is send a message request and start chatting. They can converse, chat, share in the messaging section of the app anytime at a go. Moreover, they won’t lose a connection even after the event is over.

    Schedule One-to-One Meetings 

    Many attendees look forward to meeting their peers personally. It gets really difficult to converse and discuss ideas when in a group. Some attendees might want to connect with their peers personally to discuss certain things, learn and exchange ideas. Event apps truly favour such situations. With event apps, your attendees will be able to send meeting requests. They will be able to schedule meetings with their fellow attendees according to their convenience. 

    Build A Community

    The very reasons people from all over the industry come to events and conferences is to build connections and to expand their professional horizons. Event apps make this particular thing very easy for them. Attendees can benefit from event apps for networking before, during and after the event. The event apps do not go in vain once the event is over both for you and your attendees. Your attendees will still be able to chat and network with their peers. They can participate in ongoing discussions and build their own community through the event app. 

    Offers Attendee Searchable Directory

    With an event app, attendees get a ready-to-use searchable directory. An event app syncs all the social media platforms your attendees are on and creates a directory for them. It integrates all the credentials so that your attendees can find their target contacts, communicate with them safely, and arrange meetings. There is no hassle of going around finding people among thousands of others. Moreover, they can get recommendations of other attendees’ profiles, to connect and network with them. 

    Also you can add some networking game in your event app to engage your attendees. Moreover, your attendees can stay in touch, connect, chat and share with their peers after the event is over. With an event app both you and your attendees can leverage resources for reaching your networking goals.