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Event apps in event management platforms

Event Apps: Understanding Their Importance In Event Management Platforms

Event apps have become an integral part of events in the past few years. They are more like an informational hub for the attendees to the event. And over the years it has become a necessary tool for the event planners to improve the event experience for the attendees. It does almost everything for the attendees, be it networking, be it providing updates or engaging them in different aspects. 

While a mobile event app can do a lot for the attendee experience, it can only do so much for the planners on the other side. In fact, you can do so much more and better when your event app is fully integrated with event management software. No dilemma of choosing one out of the two – ideally, you should incorporate both to create a unique experience for you and your attendees. Here’s what you can do and how you can benefit from this unique integration. 

Make Your Website More Accessible 

With event management software, the biggest perk is that you can create event websites without any coding, via user-friendly drag-and-drop options. When you have an event website, you would like as many people as possible to see your website. But this rarely happens and sometimes people miss some valuable information. 

But when you integrate your event app with your event management software, you can leave a link to your website or create a whole section as ‘webview’ in your event app for the attendees – where they would be able to go through your web page. Also, this way you wouldn’t be required to repeat the same info in your event app. 

Bring Event Registration To Your Phone 

Event registrations and ticket sales are the major work of the event management software. They allow you to create your very own process right from ticket sales to the registrations of the attendees. But this gets so much better with event apps. 

You can avail the tickets on the app for the last minute purchasers. Also, you can leave a link of the page from where your attendees can buy tickets for the event. And it gets even better with attendee registration. Once you have the list of attendees on the event management software, you can share it on the app with your team members and attendees. This way your attendees will also be able to have a look at the people who will be attending the event for networking. 

Market It Better 

One of the most important steps in the whole process of organizing an event is marketing. According to benchmark reports, the most effective channel for marketing is email. Event management software are programmed to work efficiently with emails to provide the best results. 

But there is a lot more you can do with a smart integration. Event apps can complement email marketing in so many ways. You can carry out your in-event and post-event marketing campaigns with the app. You can update about discounts on the tickets, promote your exhibitors, run small campaigns on the app and do so much more. It just gets better with the app. Also, you can promote your upcoming events with your current event app and keep the attendees in loop. You would be able to create a superb marketing campaign by combining event management software and event apps. 

Make The Engagement More Engaging 

Great sessions, amazing speakers and interesting agendas are just not enough nowadays. Attendees look for more. They want to be a part of the action, they want to get involved. Event management software work best for the event planners, since they are so useful at managing all the backend stuff. But what about attendee engagement? 

It works for the attendee engagement too. You can create an event app with your event management software without being dependent on any third-party. With the app you can engage your attendees in various activities and make them feel like a real part of the action. You can include gamification, take feedback, carry out discussion and do a lot more with the app. You can totally experiment and play around with an event app to deliver the best experience for your attendees. 

Track Anything And Everything More Closely 

Statistics and analytics are important to determine the event’s success. Without them, events are just a black box. With the integration of event management software and event app, it gets really easy to monitor downloads, attendee behaviour, sales in the tickets and more. 

It gets very easy especially with the event app to keep a track on your phone. You can always take a look and monitor things while on the go, on your event app. 

Include Both Apps & Website In Your Event Management Strategy

Gone are the days when you were required to choose between better and the best. Earlier, event planners were needed to choose between event apps and event websites, they needed to depend on a third-party for it. But with event management software you can have both event app and event website and you wouldn’t need to depend on anybody for it. 

Having both an event app and an event website is a great advantage for the event. It enables you to do the best for the event, right from pre-event marketing to taking attendee feedback. 

Event apps are the very soul of the whole event management process. It compliments an event management software in every aspect and enhances the experience for the attendees. 

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