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Chatbots vs Event Apps

Chatbots Vs Event Apps: What Offers Better Attendee Engagement?

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots in the industry and the abundant availability of event apps – the event industry has been revolutionised and more tech-based than ever. Event planners get confused between these two very intelligent attendee engagement channels. Chatbots are taking over the market with their pre-programmed or AI-powered conversation capabilities with humans. On the other hand, event apps have created quite a trend – becoming a norm at major conferences, exhibitions and other similar events. Amid such dramatic advancements, event planners are left with questions like: Which of these will provide a more engaging experience to visitors?

So here is a quick comparison between chatbots and event apps for your next event.


Event apps specifically serve this purpose of events, that is networking. These mobile event apps come with tag based networking feature, through which attendees can connect and chat with their fellow visitors. Though chatbots can collect the data from social media and recommend connections, but the networking opportunities are limited.


In an event app, you can simply add all the information about your speakers, the sessions they will be taking and the topics they will be speaking on. And, the attendees can very easily access to this info with the app. Whereas with chatbots, when you add these info, your attendees will need to ask properly phrased questions in order to access these info. And many a time they might not know exactly what they need to ask. Basically it is a bit more cumbersome.


With event apps you can showcase your event sponsors and exhibitors. You can even monetize your sponsors and exhibitors with splash screens and banner ads in your event app. It is a very easy and hassle free way to promote your sponsors among your attendees. With chatbots, you wouldn’t be able to put all your attendees and exhibitors on one page, and create that visual presence among your attendees.


One of the most important things for an event is analysis and reporting. Event apps measure and analyse every aspect of an event for you. With event apps, you can track the user behaviour and device downloads. You can also manage feedback and ratings with an event app. Whereas all these things are not that simple with chatbots. You can just track user behaviour or track device downloads with only chatbots.


Event app is your mate in the event. You can share and update information, promote your sponsors and exhibitors, analyse and even collect data. But when it comes to follow up, chatbots are the wiser option. Based on all the feedback and ratings, you can keep a string attached to your attendees by sending some notifications or reminders about your upcoming events and conferences over chatbot.


Event apps give you the advantage of designing them according to your event theme with a personalized touch. You can also personalize the different features of event app. You can send personalized messages and mails to your attendees through event apps. But, with chatbot there is limited opportunity with personalization.

Chatbots and event apps both are the new modern age players in the tech industry. Both have their extreme advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to the event industry, there are a lot of things a chatbot can do – like data collection from social media, sending follow up messages, and answering to attendees’ queries. But there are certain limitations too. It is best when you incorporate a chatbot inside an event app. It can surely compliment an event app but can hardly replace it.

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