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Problem Statement

Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals company, has always been a pioneer in innovation, both concerning its products and its approach to corporate events. Previously, Nouryon had previously utilized an event management app for its events. Nevertheless, the concept of a white-label app, which allows full customization, including the incorporation of branding, name, and logo in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, had never been explored by the company. When our team introduced the notion of a white-label app, they were pleasantly surprised to discover that they could create their very own Nouryon-branded app at a reasonable price, affording them complete control over customization. Additionally, the company was grappling with engagement challenges.

Key Points

  • During the call, our client, Alexis from Nouryon, shared their previous experience with an event management app. They expressed disappointment with their prior encounters and mentioned that they had come here for a demo after someone recommended it to them. With the hope of finding a solution to elevate their engagement levels, they reached out to us.
  • When our team member showcased the platform during the demo session, he was pleasantly surprised to learn about the white-label app feature. This feature allowed him to place his own event app in both the App Store and Play Store and provided him with complete access for customization.
  • He then requested a free trial period, during which he thoroughly explored all the features they desired for their event app. After the trial, he expressed great satisfaction and decided to choose our platform for their event.

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The look and feel of the app was much more appealing than previous event apps we've used and the features we used, we loved!. Our participants were very complimentary.

Alexis Rabidue
Event Manager

Solution Statement

In response to the identified challenges, we introduced them to features that could enhance their event engagement. Here are the solutions we provided:

  • Live Q&A Poll: We integrated a live Q&A poll feature, enhancing audience interaction and enabling real-time feedback.
  • Gamification: Gamification elements were incorporated to boost engagement, encouraging active participation and competition.
  • Social Feed: A dynamic social feed was introduced, allowing attendees to share insights and connect with one another, fostering a sense of community.
  • Custom Branding: We facilitated custom branding, ensuring the event app bore Nouryon's distinct identity, thus strengthening brand recognition.


The decision to develop the Nouryon Connect app and integrate gamification challenges and other features had a profound impact on the success of their virtual event, resulting in an impressive 80% increase in engagement.

Here are the post-event results:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Gamification features boosted participant engagement significantly. Attendees spent more time exploring and interacting with event content.
  • Boosted Networking: Virtual scavenger hunts and leaderboards fostered a sense of community and friendly competition among employees.
  • Positive Feedback: Attendees lauded Nouryon's innovative approach to virtual events, with many highlighting gamification challenges as a standout feature.

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About The Company

Nouryon is a global specialty chemicals company focusing on innovation in products and events. Their objective is to enhance engagement through customized event apps. Targeting diverse industries, Nouryon aims to provide memorable event experiences that drive interaction and connection.

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Features Used

Live Q&A and Poll
Capture your audience's attention with a live polling and Q&A application.
Boost event engagement with customized tasks.
Social Feed
Discover the innovative era of social event apps.

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