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Build Your Event App And GO LIVE In Less Than 30 Minutes!

January 14, 2022
5 min read
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You Are BUSY And We Know It

No really, we do. Your international conference is coming up in a few weeks or months, you are expecting a large number of attendees, and there are lots of last-minute arrangements to make. Planning a large-scale B2B event conference can be taxing, and is more than likely to take up a lot of your time.At busy times like these, spending a couple of days to build an event app is often something you simply cannot afford. Add to that, the problem that most event planners or organisers have minimal knowledge of coding. On Eventify though, you can make your branded event app and publish it in less than 30 minutes. Oh...and you do not need to have any programming knowledge either.

Let’s Dive In

Okay, so we have made a promise - and it’s time to show you that it does hold water. We will show you the average number of minutes taken in every stage of the event app building process. Hopefully, at the end of it all, the total time taken will be less than 30 minutes.Note: This testing was done by 24 in-house testers, and 80+ voluntary external users.Navigate to the home screen of the Eventify website, and click on ‘ITS FREE’. Start your timer now.Step #1: Fill up the ‘General’ screen. Provide event name, a brief description, event dates, venue country, and set your event privacy.Time required: 19 secondsStep #2: On the ‘Branding’ screen, upload your event icon and cover image. Select a colour theme for your event app.Time required: 1 minute 36 seconds (96 seconds)Step #3: Click on the ‘Features’ tab. It’s time to select the features/sections you want to be displayed on the app. Click on the features you wish to add or remove.Time required: 35 secondsStep #4: In the next tab, add the daily schedule for your event (tracks and agenda). We tested this for a sample 4-day event.Time required: 8 minutes (480 seconds)Step #5: Add news about your event in the given section. In our test, we added 3 news items in the backend.Time required: 2 minutes (120 seconds)Step #6: Next, add the location map and the interactive floor map. Add 2-3 booths in the interactive map.Time required: 4 minutes (240 seconds)Step #7: Add information in the ‘Exhibitors’ section. We added all the details for 4 exhibitors during this experiment.Time required: 3 minutes 20 seconds (200 seconds).Step #8: Add ‘Speakers’ to your event app now. Once again, we tried with adding 4 speakers, and filled up all the requisite information.Time required: 3 minutes (180 seconds).Step #9: Next up are the ‘sponsors’. Our test group added 4 sponsors in this section. You can, of course, add as many as you want.Time required: 2 minutes 25 seconds (85 seconds).Step #10: Set up tag-based networking in the ‘Messages’ section. Specify user interests for your event attendees.Time required: 1 minute 20 seconds (80 seconds).Step #11: Add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn feeds, and an RSS feed to your app (in the ‘Social’ section).Time required: 1 minute 20 seconds (80 seconds).Step #12: In ‘Webview’, add the URL of your event registration/event ticketing page. Time required: 1 minute (60 seconds)...probably less!Step 13: Import your list of registered attendees from CSV to the ‘Users’ section in the Eventify admin panel.Time required: 1 minute (60 seconds).That’s it, you are all set to publish your app now. If you share your App Store and/or Play Store credentials with us, we can submit your app to the stores on your behalf.

And Now...Let’s See

Phew...that was quick! But was it less than 30 minutes, as we had promised? Time to calculate:The entire process took (19+96+35+480+120+240+200+180+85+80+80+60+60) seconds....That’s 1735 seconds....That’s 1735 ÷ 60 = 28 minutes 55 seconds!Congratulations, you have started from scratch, and made a full mobile app in less than 30 minutes (fairly comfortably, if we may add).

Say Goodbye To Delays. Make An Event App In Minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your event app here, keep your timer ready, and finish up in 30 minutes...or less!

**Please have your content ready from beforehand. You can then copy-paste it in the admin panel.
**Please upload all images (logos, icons, maps, photos) in their respective specified sizes. Errors in this might lead to delays.

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