Top 12 UX Events & Conferences in September 2017

UX events in september 2017

The topic of user-experience design (UX) has been grabbing a lot of attention over the past few years. It can well and truly be referred to as the ‘backbone of visual designing’ (although the latter often gets more spotlight), and is closely associated with the overall usability of any digital product (websites, mobile apps, video games, etc.). As a profession too, the field of UX designing is a lucrative one – with 3 out of 4 enterprise-level designers in the United States earning $75000 or more annually. Every month, many high-profile business events and conferences focused on UX practices are organized, in different parts of the world. We will here list out the most interesting UX events coming up in September 2017:

  • MobileHCI 2017

    The 19th edition of the popular MobileHCI event kicks off on the 4th of September. The four-day meet will focus on innovations in mobile user experiences. The latest breakthroughs and innovations from the field of mobile devices and related services will be closely deliberated upon during the event. A series of interactive workshops, tutorial sessions and demonstrations will be organized, along with the keynote sessions helmed by some of the biggest experts from this domain. The visitor profile for MobileHCI 2017 will include UX designers, software/app developers, and influencers – and the networking opportunities here will be excellent. The event will be held at the Aula der Wissenschaft in Vienna, Austria.

  • EuroIA Summit

    ‘Adaptation and designing for change’ will be the central theme of EuroIA 2017, billed as one of the most well-attended UX and information architecture (IA) events in Europe. The latest industry trends and practices will be closely examined at the show – and a large contingent of designers, architects and decision-makers from different IA-related fields are expected to be in attendance. More than 20 informative talk sessions are going to be held as a part of the event, along with as many as 12 workshops and 3 keynote sessions (one on each day of the event). Elite Hotel Marina Tower in Stockholm (Sweden) is the designated venue for this year’s (the 13th edition) of EuroIA summit. The dates of the event are 28, 29 and 30 September.

  • MobX Conference

    The two-day MobX workshops and conference will happen on 7-8 September, and will focus exclusively on user experience practices, interaction design, interfaces, and other related topics. Engaging half-day workshops have been scheduled on the first day, which will take place at the One By One in Berlin. The main conference takes place on Day 2, at the Kino International. A strong lineup of celebrity speakers will be sharing their knowledge with the attendees at the event. The pre-conference and post-conference parties will take up the overall attractions of MobX 2017 further. Tickets for the MobX Mobile UX Summit are priced at €380. Visitors will get valuable insights for creating smart, innovative user-experiences and optimal usability standards at the event.

  • INTERACT 2017

    After successful editions in Portugal (2011), South Africa (2013) and Germany (2015), the INTERACT conferences will be held in India for the very first time this year (at the Industrial Design Center in Mumbai; from September 25th to 29th). The event will bring the interactions between humans and computing gadgets into focus – and will serve as a great platform for top-level UX practitioners and research experts to showcase their latest innovations. Registered delegates can participate in the industry workshops at INTERACT, while there will be ample scopes for peer-to-peer networking as well. This will be the 16th edition of INTERACT conferences (it was held for the first time in 1990) – and over the years, it has emerged as one of the top human-computer interaction related biz conferences in the world.

  • Confab Intensive 2017

    From content management systems (CMS) and editorials, to UX designs, governance standards and project workflows – the topics under the scope of Confab Intensive 2017 will be exhaustive indeed. It will be a three-day affair, with as many as 8 in-depth workshops (hosted by globally renowned speakers) scheduled on each day (divided under ‘Morning Workshops’ and ‘Afternoon Workshops’). Content strategies, collaborative modelling, ecosystems, and UI conversations will feature among the workshop topics, and the overall attendee-count is expected to be huge. There will be additional optional events (business dinners) to do some serious networking with fellow industry personnel. Confab Intensive 2017 will be hosted at the Embassy Suites Downtown Convention Center (Denver, Colorado, United States) from the 11th to the 13th of September.

  • MIDI 2017

    From September 3 to September 6, Prague (Czech Republic) will host the 5th edition of the popular Multimedia, Interaction, Design and Innovation (MIDI) conference. The latest news, views and updates for preparing seamless UIs and innovative interaction structures between humans and machines will be the key area of focus at the event – and a vast range of new design methods in the context of IT systems will be discussed. Apart from UX and interaction design, the MIDI 2017 conference will also have prototyping/designing methods and software engineering (including information visualization) in its agenda. The conference will be organized as a part of the FedCIS 2017 event, and will feature the presence of eminent corporate speakers. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies will be discussed here too.

  • Big Design Conference

    The uniqueness of the heavily anticipated Big Design Conference 2017 stems from the fact that, it will allow visitors to discover new and effective design solutions from professionals representing different industries. In other words, the conference will double up as a top-notch learning and information-sharing platform for the attendees. Highly informative keynotes and workshops will be held on all the three days of the event (14, 15, 16 September), and the registration fees are also comparatively lower than similar business events. Rapid prototyping, machine learning, mobile-first strategies and AI experiences will all feature in the workshop topics at the Big Design Conference. The event will facilitate creativity showcasing in a big way, and deliver quality networking opportunities. The venue for the conference is the Crowne Plaza Addison Hotel (Texas, United States), while the after-party will be hosted at The Londoner.

  • Nordic.Design

    Organized by Confetti Events, Nordic.Design is a single-day conference, focused exclusively on design tools, workflows, UI/UX standards and a host of other, related domains. More than 800 professional designers will participate in the single-track conference – and 10 talk sessions, with leading speakers, will be hosted. At the conference, visitors will get the opportunity to connect with others, and share inspiring, innovative design stories with a wide audience. New partnerships can be struck up during the Nordic.Design conference as well. Representatives from big players like Framer, Toca Boca, Minecraft and Airbnb will be present at the conference, giving it a definite international flavour. Nordic.Design 2017 will be organized on 6 September at the Nobelberget in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • UX Cambridge 2017

    This 7th edition of the UX Cambridge event will feature 3 engaging keynote sessions, along with a pre-conference workshop on Collaborative Information Architecture. Scheduled to be held at the Mcgrath Center (St. Catharine’s College) in Cambridge from the 6th to the 8th of September, UX Cambridge would put the spotlight on the design and user-end experience for the digital community (mobile, software, web). The fresh design ideas and concepts showcased at the event would help visitors get new and effective ideas, and breakthrough skills and applications can be demonstrated too. UX Cambridge is a community-oriented event – and as such, it places prime importance on peer learning and sharing. Practical case studies and tutorial sessions will also feature in the program schedule of UX Cambridge 2017.

  • HCITOCH 2017

    The International Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage is a one-of-its-kind workshop on designing, computer science, communicability and a whole lot more. The range of topics that will be discussed during the three-day event (September 6-8) is diverse – ranging right from augmented reality, electronic presentations and computer-aided design, to open source media, software, usability engineering and mobile network security. Topics related to IoT and motion graphics will be touched upon as well. Apart from the keynotes, workshops and research presentations, interesting demo sessions and consortiums will also be held at HCITOCH 2017. This will be the 8th edition of the event, and it will be held in Bologna, Italy.

  • UX Conference New York

    The seven-day UX conference in New York (presented by the Nielsen Norman Group) will help participants get up-to-date with the latest regulations and practices for delivering the best user-experiences via interfaces. Full-day training courses are available on all days, and attendees can pick and choose the sessions they would like to be at. A special Jacob Nielsen keynote will be organized on Day 4 of the event. Top-level instructors will be present at the show, for guiding the visitors with their valuable inputs (there will be no sales pitches). Participants also have the option to go for the UX certification course, to build their knowledge-levels. The seminar has a practical orientation – and the solutions discussed can be easily applied to real-world use cases. UX Conference New York takes place from September 9 to September 15.

  • Intersection ‘17

    The Canodrom in Barcelona will play host to the 4th edition of the Intersection ‘17 conference – billed as one of the largest strategic enterprise design events in the world. The 2-day event will bring to light all the latest developments, disruptions and innovations happening in the industry, and will offer top-class learning and business networking opportunities. The attendance figures at the event will be high, with extensive participation from leading entrepreneurs, design consultants, customer experience managers, business strategists and enterprise architects. Several renowned industry speakers will take part in the show, and a varied lineup of topics will be covered in the workshop sessions. The dates for Intersection ‘17 are 7 and 8 September.

A two-day UX Class will be organized by the American Graphics Institute on 11-12 September, to highlight the important UX design principles. The UXD – Certified UX Design specialist seminar is scheduled on 18-20 September in Amsterdam. A single-day interactive training course on user research methods will be held in London on the 5th of September. The entire month is choc-a-bloc full with extremely interesting UX events – and each of them offers exciting benefits to the attendees.


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