Top 10 Open Source Conferences In July 2017

List of open source conferences in July 2017

Over the last decade and a bit, the popularity of open source software among developers worldwide has grown steadily. By the end of this year, the total revenue from open source tools has been estimated to stand at €54292 million (a 585% increase over the €7924 million figure in 2008). The increasing interest in open-source software and resources is also reflected by the number of conferences and business events related on the topic, that are regularly held around the world. Here is a list of the most happening open source conferences to be held in July 2017:

  • Third Annual CISO Summit

    Set to be organized on the 14th of July in Mumbai (The Lalit), the third edition of the Annual CISO Summit will focus on the robustness of cyber security standards and the overall architecture of cyber security at an all-India level. IoT structures in use and the safety/security of cloud services will also be highlighted upon. The summit is expected to bring in more than 150 corporate visitors, from the information technology (IT) and related fields. Several topical panel discussions, helmed by top industry speakers, will be a part of this summit. Partnership opportunities are available, and willing attendees can register themselves to network with peers and decision-makers, and expand the reach/exposure of their businesses. Akamai and Microsoft are the ‘Presenting Partner’ and ‘Diamond Partner’ of this event.

Date: 14 July 2017


  • Angular Camp

    Also in its third year, the much anticipated Angular Camp event opens its doors on July 6, and will be a two-day affair. Interactive workshops, talks and live demonstrations will be held during the event, on the latest trends and developments in angular technologies. There is a special ‘Diversity Program’ as well, offering scholarships (named ‘Diversity Tickets’). Angular Camp doubles up as a great platform for collaboration among participants – who get the opportunity to showcase their work to a targeted, professional audience. Renowned tech experts will be present as speakers at the show. Angular Camp 2017 will be held at the CCCB, Barcelona on Day 1 and at the University of Barcelona on Day 2.

Date: 6-7 July 2017


  • Java Forum Stuttgart

    The 20th Java Forum Stuttgart will be a single-day conference at Culture & Convention Center Liederhalle. A wide range of open source software-related topics will be deliberated upon in detail – with particular emphasis on Java and JVM technologies. The total number of exhibitors at the event will be in excess of 40, and several lectures, sessions and demonstrations will be arranged. There will be ‘Sponsored Talks’ and ‘Non-sponsored Talks’, and more than 1700 business attendees (developers, decision authorities, etc.) will be a part of the conference. Java Forum Stuttgart will also feature a ‘Job Market’, and a special reception with Gunter Dueck will be organized as well. The main conference will be held on July 6, and it will be preceded by the ‘workshop day’ on July 5.

Date: 6 July 2017 (Workshop Day on July 5)


  • pkgsrcCon 2017

    Well over 18000 open source software resources can be created with the ‘pkgsrc’ framework – and ‘pkgsrcCon’ is an annual conference that exclusively focuses on this framework. This year, the conference will be take place on the 1st and 2nd of July in London (first day at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT on the first day, and the London Hackspace on the second day). Many noted speakers are slated to host presentations and talks at ‘pkgsrcCon 2017’, while informative hacking sessions will also be held on both days of the event. Apart from end-users, a large contingent of software contributors and developers are expected to participate in the event. The current challenges for open source software package creation will also be put under the spotlight at the show.

Date: 1-2 July 2017


  • The Fifth Element

    Billed as the biggest annual data science conference in India, The Fifth Element will take place this year at the MLR Convention Center in Whitefield (Bengaluru, India) on July 27 & 28. More than 1500 professional attendees will be present at the conference, which will feature three tracks – covering a diverse array of topics, ranging from machine learning and deep learning, payment analytics and data mining/analysis, to governmental use of data. The Fifth Element is planned as an event that will cater to the current requirements as well as the future needs of participants (both startups as well as established businesses). As many as 4 highly interactive workshops were held in the 2016 edition of this event. A special ‘Machine Learning as a Service’ workshop has been scheduled on 25-26 July. Data scientists, research experts, analysts and CEOs will be present in large numbers at The Fifth Element conference.

Date: 27-28 July 2017


  • Spring Days Atlanta

    As its name itself suggests, Spring Days is an open source event that is associated with the Spring framework and developers/users in the Spring community. 18 and 19 July are the designated dates for the Atlanta edition of Spring Days. The two-day event will witness a large number of interesting conference sessions, with Java 9, Spring Framework 5.0, creation of cloud native apps, web testing and data pipelines being on the agenda. A two-hour ‘Networking & Social’ period has been slotted on the first day of the conference – to help visitors interact with fellow industry professionals, and expand their business networks. TWELVE Atlantic Station will be the venue for Spring Days Atlanta 2017. Several renowned Spring Experts will take part in the event.

Date: 18-19 July 2017


  • Anthill Inside

    The conference on deep learning, originally a part of The fifth Element, was first organized as a separate event (Anthill Inside) in 2016. This year, the conference will happen on 29 July (a day after The Fifth Element rounds off) – and it will cover various open source software-oriented topics, like machine learning and deep learning (ML+DL), artificial intelligence, operations research and IoT. Innovations in the field of deep learning will be highlighted at the event, and multiple high-value talks, presentations and demos will also be organized. The value of the Anthill Inside conference will be further boosted by the two workshops (on artificial intelligence and NLP respectively). Collaborative attempts to bridge the gaps between theoretical advancements and practical implementations feature as the core essence of Anthill Inside.

Date: 29 July 2017


  • Akademy 2017

    Scheduled from from the 22nd to the 27th of July at Almeria, Spain, Akademy 2017 will be among the largest open source conferences of the year. This free event brings in a large number of participants from the global KDE community – and the newest developments and trends are examined closely over here. Apart from KDE representatives, other business organizations, developers and networking professionals will also be a part of the conference. The 6-day Akademy event has been divided – with the first couple of days hosting the conference sessions, and the following four days featuring focused, hands-on workshops, coding sessions and special BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions. The visitor profile at Akademy 2017 will also include translators, maintenance experts (upstream/downstream) and noted business leaders.

Date: 22-27 July 2017


  • The Developers Conference (TDC)

    On July 18-22, the second in the series The Developers Conference (TDC) in 2017 will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil (at University Anhembi Morumbi). Lectures, workshops and talks on diverse topics, from data science, blockchain, Xamarin and UX design, to iOS and internet of things, Java and .NET architectures, and PHP are scheduled during the show. Visitors will get excellent networking opportunities, and there will be multiple workshops too (on mobile monetization, gaming, artificial intelligence, Unity 3D game development and other related topics). TDC 2017 will effectively serve as a top-notch communication platform for everyone involved in the IT community of Brazil.

Date: 18-22 July 2017


  • Xen Developer and Design Summit

    The Xen Project – one of the largest standards for the open-source industry – will have its very own conference, the Xen Developer and Design Summit, in Budapest, Hungary. It will be a three-day affair, running from the 11th to the 13th of July. The event will be bringing in large volumes of corporate visitors, with active participation from kernel developers, marketing directors, software engineers, project managers, and other senior-level industry professionals. The keynotes at this Summit will cover a vast range of topics/technologies – and multiple globally recognized speakers (from companies like Intel, Oracle and Citrix) will be sharing their knowledge here. Corinthia Hotel Budapest will be the venue for Xen Developer and Design Summit 2017.

Date: 11-13 July 2017


In addition to the above, Sage Days 87 (July 17-22; Burlington, USA), EuroPython (July 9-16; Rimini, Italy) and CoderCruise (July 16-23; New Orleans, USA) also feature prominently in the list of high-profile open source events and conferences that will be held in July 2017. The technology is evolving rapidly – and these conferences will play an important role in facilitating this growth and helping in the required information-sharing.


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