Top 5 Startup Events & Conferences In July 2017

Startup events for business - July 2017

More than 100 million startups come into being every year. A recent study found that there were close to 475 million entrepreneurs across the globe, and the overall fundings for startups are also showing significant increases every quarter. Not surprisingly, interest in business events and conferences related to startups is at an all-time-high. Here are some high-profile startup conferences set to take place in July 2017:

  • International Startup Festival 

    The International Startup Festival (or, Startup+Fest) is a four-day affair, starting on July 12 at Montreal, Canada. The event is organized by Videotron – and will be attended by leading startup-owners/entrepreneurs, investors, company founders, professional mentors and other corporate visitors. Interactive keynote sessions will be organized on three days of the event, along with interesting ‘how-to’ demonstrations. As many as 5 ‘Premium Fests’ are also scheduled during this startup event. Panel discussions will be held as well, and the International Startup Festival will also offer excellent investment and networking opportunities.

          Date: 12 to 15 July 2017



  • World Domination Summit

    World Domination Summit brings to the fore the importance of ‘the art of non-conformity’ to the fore. Scheduled to be held at Portland (Oregon), United States from the 11th to the 17th of July, the summit is expected to witness a huge gathering of professional growth hackers, entrepreneurs, disrupters, and other dynamic corporate attendees. The fact that tickets to the main event have already been sold out underlines its popularity. WDS Academics, a series of half-day workshops – with expert alumni speakers at the helm – will also be organized as a part of event. WDS 2017 promises to be a grand platform for business owners who wish to be at the forefront of the future.

          Date: 11 to 17 July 2017



  • Women Startup Competition Europe       

    Billed as ‘the most feministic’ startup tech show in the world, Women Startup Competition (WSC) will have its ‘Final Demo Day’ in London, on July 1. The event throws up ample scopes for deserving women entrepreneurs from all over Europe to present their ideas and meet up with prospective investors. On the ‘Final Demo Day’ of WSC, 7 finalists will be offered direct participation – while 5 more teams will also be present (selected from online applications). Seven pre-final events were held in different parts of Europe, and on London Demo Day there will be a ‘Crowdfunding Prize’ up for grabs. Many noted industry speakers will be present at the event as well.

          Date: 1 July 2017



  • Techweek Toronto

    The Toronto edition of the Techweek media conference is slated to be held on 24-28 July. Noted speakers from a large number leading business organizations – right from Ecobee and Indeed, to Twitter, Groupon and Shopify – will be present as speakers at the 5-day event. Visitors get the exclusive opportunity of getting in touch with, and learning from, the top CEOs and founders at the show – while investors also get a first-hand look at startups (as investment prospects). The special ‘Launch’ event lets startups with high growth potentials to pitch their ideas. The main objective of the Techweek summits is to facilitate the formation of more ‘Hero Companies’, resolve problems for high-growth businesses, and ensure effective peer-to-peer learning.

          Date: 24 to 28 July 2017



  • TOA Tech Open Air – Billed as a buzzing ‘interdisciplinary technology festival’, TOA is among the biggest startup events of its kind in Europe. Set to be held from 11 July to 14 July in Berlin, Germany – the festival will feature active participation by well over 200 expert speakers, and a whopping 20000+ business attendees. More than 1200 CEOs and startup founders will be present as well. Informative conference sessions will be organized, and over 200 satellite events will also be a part of TOA 2017. There are several special sessions for startups (Pitch Nic, Future finals Pitch, Reverse Pitch, etc.). Knowshops, art installations, panel discussions and cool live music will enhance the attractions of this event further.

           Date: 11 to 14 July 2017


At last month’s The Startup Conference (, 120 startups had submitted applications to pitch their businesses. Startups are growing at a rapid clip across the world – and each of the above events will offer great value to entrepreneurs.



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