Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Use Eventify To Boost Your Events

Eventify features and advantages

For several years now, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) have been playing important roles in event promotional strategies. Organizers have aggressively pushed out their events and conferences and trade shows on these platforms – in a bid to maximize awareness and exposure levels. With the evolution of technology and the proliferation of smartphone applications (the ‘there is an app for that’ movement), the focus has gradually shifted to other advanced tools to generate the desired levels of publicity for events. With the total volume of mobile app downloads worldwide inching towards the 200 billion mark – the burgeoning popularity of apps as an effective tool for event advertising and management has been far from surprising.

While mobile apps do offer a fast, effective, and (equally importantly) relatively inexpensive way for promoting events, not every planner or organizer has the necessary coding expertise to create a nice, informative smartphone application. Thankfully, this problem can be bypassed by using any of the several event app platforms that are currently available. Eventify is the new kid in the block in this field – and over here, we will highlight how this platform is different (and an improvement upon) other, similar ones:

  1. Focused on events

    Event planners can build apps for practically any type of events on the Eventify platform. Right from business conferences and trade shows, to startup events, IoT meets and other such advanced tech events can be organized and managed from the platform. Apps can, of course, be built for non-technical events (sports, cultural, entertainment, etc.). What’s more, the Eventify platform does not attempt to address a cluster of diverse problems – and stays focused on helping users generate and build up the buzz about their events. On this platform, everything is about optimizing the digital promotional strategies of events.

  2. Smart and elegant UI

    An event app framework might have the best features in the world – but if its user-interface is not simple and easy-to-understand, people are bound to face problems while trying to use it. On Eventify, there are no such problems whatsoever. Created by certified graphic designers, this platform blends in just the right mix of advanced features & controls, and seamless, user-friendly layouts. In-app navigation is smooth and streamlined as well. The Eventify platform has been primed to deliver awesome user-end experience (UX) to all event organizers onboard.

  3. Something for everyone

    The event apps created on this new platform can be used to share relevant, updated information to practically everyone related to an event/conference/trade show. There is a dedicated exhibitor section, while willing attendees can easily learn about the event timings, schedules, and other related details. Sponsors, partners and other potential stakeholders can also discover pertinent information from the event apps hosted on Eventify. Finally, users who have newly signed up on the platform can get a first-hand idea about how events are managed and promoted through the Eventify framework.


  1. Agile app development mechanism

    The average time to create a mobile application from scratch is in excess of 4 months. On the Eventify platform, you can get your very own event apps up and running in a matter of minutes. All that you need to do is sign up on the platform and take a quick tour of the website – to get a hang of how the platform works. After that, you can either request for a free demo, or dive straight into the ‘App Builder’ section to start making a new mobile app. In the intensely competitive domain of app-making, the value of quick time-to-market is immense – and Eventify comes up trumps in that regard.


  1. Easy for non-coders

    Enhanced usability is one of the key features of the Eventify app building platform. Event organizers, who are not likely to have much of prior coding/designing experience, can create completely customized and highly engaging apps for their events with absolute ease. The platform offers cool drag-and-drop functionality, to help users systematically build up each section of their app and include all the requisite features in it. The overall process of app development on Eventify is prompt, easy and has a certain fun element about it. Couple that with the fact that apps made on this platform invariably boost attendee counts and ROI figures from events – and there remains little doubt about the excellent quality it offers.

Note: Event apps created with Eventify are released (as usual) in Apple App Store/Google Play Store.


  1. Superior networking opportunities

    The Eventify team puts prime importance on matching common interests of users – to open up lucrative networking and business-building opportunities for the latter. On the platform, people have the scope of connecting with other like-minded users, exchange ideas, strike up partnerships and generate potentially fruitful sales leads. Since the apps made with this tool have strong social media integration, they are also instrumental in giving the events in particular, and their organizers in general, just the right amount of exposure. Apart from being a cutting edge event app platform, Eventify doubles up as a top-class networking channel for users.


  1. Top-notch scalability

    The usability of Eventify is not limited to any particular type or scale of event. The tool has dynamic scalable features – ensuring that it works like a charm for building apps for high-profile, tier-1 events, as well as smaller, low-key business meetups and gatherings. Apps can be customized to suit the precise nature of events that they would promote. All available resources are optimally used by the platform, thereby ruling out the chances of delays or increasing costs. As an organizer, you can plan any type of event – and rely on Eventify to create just the right app for it.


  1. Security and reliability

    Data hacks, information sabotage, malware and ransomware – the cyber world is loaded with lots of potentially serious security threats. An app hosted on the Eventify platform is, thankfully, not exposed to any such risks. The platform has robust, built-in security protocols and standards for user identification and authentication – to make sure that there are absolutely no chances of unauthorized third-party access of any event-related information. What’s more – Eventify works in a big way on the reliability front too. The platform is accessible at all times (24x7x365), has minimal maintenance downtimes, and a pre-tested architecture. There is zero probability of unforeseen crashes or lags, and the productivity of the tool is maintained at a high level. Dependability is a must-have feature in any event app framework, and Eventify delivers just that.


  1. Real-time notifications

    The Eventify platform allows you – the organizer – to stay in charge of your event at all times. Real-time notifications and updates are generated on the Eventify dashboard, about all the important metrics about your event (attendee count, engagement, leads, etc.) as well as the performance of the mobile app you have created. Within your event app too, you can integrate a well-rounded notification system – to share all the latest information, news and updates to targeted visitors/audience. In case any thing seems to be not going according to plan, the necessary corrective steps (edits/modifications) can be made on the Eventify platform easily.


  1. Paperless event management

    If you are a professional event organizer, you are probably already aware of the many hassles of the traditional event promotion and marketing strategies. For starters, you have to maintain a large number of important documents (about event dates, venue details, session schedules, keynote speakers, invites, and what not) – and misplacing even one paper can lead to big problems. Also, sticking with the strategy of using printed flyers and banners would be a folly – since they are: a) more costly, and b) have limited coverage. Eventify allows you to ‘go paperless’, while managing and marketing your event. All the promotions and information-sharing take place digitally through the app you create, and the data you need to keep track of is available on the Eventify dashboard. With this platform, you can now bid a fun-filled farewell to those hoards of event-related papers.


  1. Powered by extensive research

    Professionals with years of relevant industry experience have been involved in the creation of the Eventify app platform. They, understandably, have brought in their experience and expertise – adding greater value to the product, and making its features more refined and customer-oriented. Several months of in-depth research, data analysis and trend studies had also been done by the Eventify team, to make sure that the platform would indeed be able to address all types of event promotional and monitoring needs. Leading in-house designers and testers were part of the development team as well. Eventify is well-researched tool, created by the top experts in the business – and as such, it delivers the best solutions for event organizers, every single time.


While Eventify does bring in its own share of innovative features for event app creation and promotions, it does not reinvent the wheel. Instead, the strength of the platform lies in doing the same things more efficiently, in a more user-friendly manner than most other frameworks. The presence of a 24×7 support team to resolve user queries is yet another high point of the Eventify platform. This is one digital app-building framework that can really take the reach and popularity of your events to the next level.


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