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Push Up Attendee Interactions At Your Event to The Next Level

Eventify brings to you a comprehensive set of features to boost user-engagement levels. Build an event app and/or an event website, incorporate these features, and get your attendees really ‘involved’ with your conference.

Systematic Push Notifications For Greater User Interaction

Effective two-way communications and attendee interactions are key factors for successful event management. On the Eventify app and website builder platform, you can seamlessly build up engagement levels.

Stay Connected With Your Audience

Eventify is a comprehensive digital event management platform that lets you maximise the audience your event reaches out too. Visitors can enjoy the following features.

Real-Time Chat & Appointment 

Live Q&A

Live Polls

Sending Last-Minute Information Through Push Notifications

Share all the latest info about your upcoming conference seamlessly with the attendees. Greater awareness about last-minute changes would lead to higher user-satisfaction.
  • Create & edit push notifications the way you want.
  • Select the audience to send notifications to.
  • Decide whether you would like to send emails too.
  • Track the status of all sent push notifications.

Monitor The Effectiveness Of Push Notifications

Get a clear idea about the performance of the push notifications sent through Eventify. Track whether the notifications are actionable and if they are delivering value.

Track Notifications

View the number of notifications sent, delivered and read.

Track Interactions

See audience interactions soar upwards with customized notifications

Track Unsent Messages

Check if any notification has not been delivered to its selected audience.