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Event Promotions

Eventify is a specialised event app-building platform, specifically designed for event organisers/managers. Welcome to SMARTER event promotions, digitally.

Dedicated study of the precise requirements of your event.

Maximum value for your event promotional activities.

Quick, intuitive addition/removal of features, sections & information.

We cover 18 time-zones, across 5 continents. Contact us anytime!

For Events Of All Types

With our app-building platform, you can create custom, information-reach applications for workshops, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, live demos and more. Eventify is for ALL types of business/tech events.

About The

The Eventify tool has been conceptualised and designed by Teksmobile - a leading app and software development company with 13+ years of industry presence. All possible requirements of event organisers have been taken into account while creating this platform.