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Why should you use mobile event apps?

6 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Event App

This is the age of digital transformation, something that is happening at an unprecedented pace. This new age transformation has not left the event industry untouched. A clear witness to this is the upsurge of event apps in the market. However, choosing an event app can be a speculation which requires numerous considerations. So here are the reasons why a mobile event app is an absolute necessity for your next event.

Eco-Friendly And Cost Effective

Papers are probably the worst nightmare of an event planner. You spend thousands of dollars on these expensive papers and put a lot of effort to make your event brochures and schedules just for your attendees, who will probably go through it once before throwing it off in the garbage bag. As a much more viable alternative, you can build a mobile event app with a fraction of the money, effort, expense and wastefulness with almost no hassle.

Engage And Inform Your Attendees

Mobile event apps are the best way to engage your attendees before, during and after the event – by sharing some interesting news about your event. And with events, there are always last minute changes, sessions might get rescheduled, or speakers might switch. You can update your attendees about all these changes with a few clicks through mobile event apps without any hassle or stress.

Monetize Sponsors And Exhibitors

The sponsor platform/section of these apps allow you to monetize your sponsors and exhibitors. Mobile event app works really well when it comes to driving leads for your sponsors. These apps also help you to connect your attendees with the sponsors and exhibitors through sponsor ads,targeted SMS messaging, logo placement and information.

Get Real Time Analytics

Mobile event apps typically analyse different factors of your event for you with an ease. It measures app adoption, engagement with social content, attendee behaviour and other metrics – which play a major role in your event’s success. You can simply amplify what works and fix what doesn’t work. Number of downloads, profiles created, posts & likes, session & speaker ratings, access to all these information with an ease on your event app dashboard.

Automated On-Site Check In

The long snake-queues for event registration is ancient and outdated. One of the most time-taking and hassling parts of an event is event registrations. This hassling procedure gets very easy with event apps. Mobile event apps come with QR codes, the attendees can just scan the QR code and complete their registration. Automated check-ins and magic link check-ins with event apps are always efficient and time saving.

Feedback, Ratings & Quick Polls

Surveys, ratings and attendee feedback are important for an event. With a customisable and engaging mobile event app, you can make this procedure thorough and very easy. After attendees participate in any session, they can instantly rate the session and the speaker. This, in turn, helps you refine your conference program and make better tailored marketing campaigns on the whole.

There is a lot more which you can do with a mobile event app. You can build your own community and engage them in ongoing discussions, your attendees can network and interact with their peers and you can showcase your event agenda. All of these features in one mobile event app which is time efficient and cost effective.


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