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List of event planning mistakes

6 No-Brainer Mistakes Every Event Planner Makes At Least Once

One learns from his/her mistakes. In the $1.5 trillion event industry, it’s only natural that event managers will make mistakes, and learn from them. There are some mistakes every event planner commits at least once in their career span in the event industry. How about a chance to run your eyes through those mistakes and customise your plans to make your event a successful one? Here goes the list of mistakes you might not want to make.

Going Over Your Budget

Many event planners end up going over budget with their events. Going over the budget will affect your profits and ROI. To avoid going over the budget, start preparing early for your event. Look for options which can be mobilised within your budget. Like you can always go for volunteers instead of hiring temporary employees, to save on your pocket, lock your venue as early as possible for your event, make early booking for the accommodation of your attendees.

Over / Under Pricing Your Tickets

An event planner can make a mistake in estimating the value of their event tickets. You need to be very smart with the pricing of your tickets. You can’t over price it because attendees will find it expensive and would prefer to go to a more affordable event than yours. And you can’t under price also, it will affect your and your sponsor’s ROI. You need to be very careful and fix a decent price for you event tickets.

Not Updating Attendees

They say there is always scope for improvement, we say there is always scope for last minute changes. You never know when it comes to events. One of your speakers might cancel on your event, you might need to change the session time or venue, anything can occur. In such scenarios, event planners make a mistake of not updating the attendees on time. You need to be very prompt when it comes to updating your attendees about the last minute changes. You can also go for event apps to update your attendees via push notifications or private messaging.

Neglecting The Content

Event planners overlook the fact that most of the attendees get attracted from the content on the event app and website. You should always come up with content which would interest your potential attendees in your event. Make sure your event website is well designed, laying out all the valuable information. Same goes for your event app. Your event app should have all the required content and features which your attendees can leverage for their best.

Not Choosing The Right Event App

Technology is evolving and event industry is experiencing new trends. The use of event apps in the industry is increasing, and so are the options. Many event planners face trouble in choosing the right event app for their events – and sometimes end up with something which doesn’t work well for them. You should always know what’s best and the options for the best. You should go for an app which comes for a decent price, with all the necessary features like schedules and sessions, sponsor and exhibitor info, speaker info, analytics and additional features like private messaging, push notifications, webview.

Leaving Promotions For The End

A common mistake committed by all the event planners. Starting the promotions only a few days prior to your event doesn’t really help. By the time you will start your promotions and your attendees will get to know about your event, they might have already decided on other events. You must start your promotions early to promote your event to its maximum potential.

Some silly mistakes can cost you your event. Make sure you play it smart, now that you know about them.

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