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Tips to increase event app downloads

6 Easy Hacks To Get Your Attendees To Download Your Event App

Event apps, when done right, present an amalgamation of amazing features which helps an event planner in different aspects. It is an essential instrument which comes handy for an event planner to organise the event with minimal hassle. A good event app with all the required features can perform a lot of work for you – from registration and attendee engagement to networking and monetization. Despite of all the amazing features of an event app, it’s success is truly measured with the number of users it has. Here are some tips you can definitely bite on, to get your attendees download your event app.


When you are building your event app, it is very important to give it a personalized touch with some specific features, like private messaging, chatting and customizable global push notification. With these features, your attendees will not miss on important information and latest updates. They will also be able to chat and network with their fellow attendees, which is quite a good reason to use your event app.

Promote Your App

In order to download your event app, people should be well aware of your event app. You can easily get all the traction from your main event promotion only. You must promote your app through all your event promotional material like: official webpage, social media accounts, banners, posters and newsletters. Moreover, you must promote your app individually – after all, word-of-mouth always does the trick.

Provide Huge Networking Opportunities

When your event app becomes a networking platform and integrates all social media platforms, then it proves to be quite useful and attracts a lot of audience. These features can be used in multiple ways. You can arrange Q&A sessions, debates and discussions, either through the networking platform, or social media as appearing on the event feed.


It is great to have an efficient event app with all the required features – but things can get really boring for the attendees after some time. One of the ways to eliminate boredom from the app is gamification. Adding little fun games will surely encourage your attendees to download your event app. Moreover, it will engage the attendees and the cherry on the topping will be a little element of competition. After all “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

Creative Design

Looks matter, it always does. The look of your event plays a vital role, it leaves an impression on your attendees. Now it’s on you and the appearance of your event app whether the impression will be good or bad. Your event app must have a very creative design – with beautiful, contrasting colour palettes. After all, it’s the cover of a book which encourages a reader to pick the book in the first place.

Real Time Updates

Any event – however well planned – may have scopes for some last minute hiccups. There might be some last minute changes in the session schedule or session topic, or it can be something else also, you never know. When you will provide all the live event news, updates and other information through push notifications of your event app, it will interest your attendees even more. It will make things very easy and convenient for your attendees.

There is a lot more you can do with your event app to encourage your attendees to download your event app. You can conduct debates and discussions on the app, avail your event tickets on the app, initiate polls, build a community and integrate all the payment options.

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